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Suitable for people with gluten,wheat,dairy,alcohol,rice,caffeine intolerances, Celiacs&Crohns Disease.Endometriosis Diet,Fibro&IBS

Suitable for people with gluten,wheat,dairy,alcohol,rice,caffeine intolerances, Celiacs&Crohns Disease.Endometriosis Diet,Fibro&IBS

Hello all, I would like to introduce myself i am Josephine-Eliza from I have been mainly spreading the word about my recipes to endometriosis women, but the diet stretches to cover a range of diseases, intolerances and allergies, I would love to help everyone that i can through food.

food is the way to a persons heart after all, right?

The Endometriosis Diet - Suitable for people who have gluten, wheat, dairy, alcohol, rice, caffeine, red meat, intolerances or sensitivities, Celiacs Disease, Crohns Disease. Endometriosis, Lactose Intolerance, Soya Intolerance plus Some Recipes Are Also Nut-Free, Vegan & Raw, This diet can also help people with Fibromyalgia & IBS symptoms.

My blog has an aray of recipes that could help you with your diet and could limit the pain you are facing and make it easier for you to live a normal life. The food i create is fun, exciting and limitless it seems and there are many more.

If you have any questions please do not hesitiate to ask.

If you want a recipe made that is suitable for you please let me know and i will try my best to create and dedicate it to you.

Here are a few recipes you may be interested in:

Here is a collection of the recipes i have created that are: gluten free, wheat free, soya free, refined sugar free, rice free:

Welsh Cakes:

Fully Loaded Healthy Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza -

Chocolate Caramel Quinoa Pop -

18 Different ways to make a Gluten Free Oat Cookie -

Pesto Mayo Dip / Sauce -

Vegan Lentil Tamales -

Sunday Roast Additions: Roast Carrot & Parsnips -

Sunday Roast Additions: Carrot & Parsnip Mash -

Tuna & Lentil Tamales -

Prawn & Crab Pie -

Unrefined Homemade Strawberry & Raspberry Jam -

Strawberry & Raspberry Ice-Cream Sundae -

Creamy Nut-Free Poppy Seed, Flax & Sesame Butter -

Raw Nut-Free Chocolate Cheesecake -

Cornmeal Bread Pudding -

Elephant Coconut Crumbles Biscuits -

Sweet Potato Crab Rolls -

Turkey Horseradish Sausages -

Turkey & Mushroom Pesto Mayo Salad -

Amazing Raw Chocolate Cheesecake -

Hard Vegan Cheese! Can Be Grated!! - No Soya -

Snowball Truffles -

Pasta with peas and halibut -

Crusty Mixed Herb bread -

Irish Garlic Sour Dough Balls -

Sorghum Flour Roti -

Apricot & Chocolate Mousse -

Nut-Free Caramel -

How to make Flax Seed Butter -

No Crumble pie Pastry -

Welsh Rarebit Pie -

Simple Vegetable Pie -

Presto Pesto Sauce -

Lemon & Poppy Seed Cake Pies -

Original & Double Chocolate Mud Pies -

Super Quick Dinner - Pesto Pasta -

Enjoy! and I wish you a pain free start to the weekend.

Let me know if you want to know anything

x x x

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Thank you very much !


No problem lovely, I hope it will help you x


Nice recipes, and healthy eating will do no harm to any illness. :)

Moffy x


Thank You lovely, hopefully it will be beneficial to you x


Whats the catch?


Catch?... I created my blog purely to help people with endometriosis like myself and then thought I could also be helping others too so decided to let other people know not to be scared by limitations because it is daugnting when you have to change your diet for any reason for some, I am selling no pills or help packages, it is purely a love to help people. Oh and all for free so no catch also if you have any other questions just ask I will try to help as best I can (bare in mind I am not a Dr, take care, hope it is some help to you x


Hi marshmellow that sounds great and whats more NO CATCH.We all try to help eachother on this forum and help eachother in the world.This has cheered me up this morning and like many of us am suffering in pain and cant do the things I want to.Am seeing Dr.on Monday as the illness is controlling me not the other way round.Hope this helpful to everyone grateful thanks.By the way do you suffer from any of the illnesses you mention, is that how you came to have the recipes you have devised?


Thank You so much for your lovely reply, its refreshing to know people appreciate what i have tried to do to help, and that understands. I am so happy that I have cheered you up that was the sole part of spreading the news to help more people. I am so sorry to hear the illness has a hold at the moment hopefully things will settle for you soon. The reason I set up the site was because I had been diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and IBS, I have suffered with pain and up and down illness's and being sick since I was 13 and about 4 years ago now it started getting worse and finally peaked I was in hospital for 4 months etc etc my experience is on my blog anyway so what I am getting is that I know how hard it is to go from a busy travel bug to bed ridden and trapped in your own home by your illness and the pain so I set it up to help other people because there is so many people unknowing about the diet and Drs just want to give you pills, also its a reference for myself to with all the experiements that I do and I really enjoy it so that's a bonus too. Sorry went on a bit, if you have any other questions I will try to have a shorter answer for you xx Thank You again x


Thats ok then! I only ask because there are so many people who come on here trying to sell something, so please dont take offense! I'm veggie and always interested in finding new ideas. Thankyou and regards



No offence at all I have had a lot worse throw at me for trying to help lol I understand because at the start I could only find people claiming a cure for X-amount of money and a total rip-off I needed to something for myself so thought I'd turn it into a blog for helping other people at the same time, Thank You I appreciate your reply though, I am branching into more vegan/vegetarian recipes so I'd love your feedback if you try any let me know. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want any help or have questions, Thank You xx


Thank you marshmellow .. What a great name brings a lovely picture to mind .... I try to be gluten free so this will help me ..question . will it help with weight to .. I have lost 1st. In 9 weeks with ww another 1to go .... Warms my heart that there are so many people who want to help each other with no financial gain. Thanks again xx


Hello Aura sorry about the late reply, yes it will help with weight loss lovely, my recipes are much less calorific than 'normal' food and healthy too, well don't lovely that's great! No problem if you need my help or questions just ask xx


P.s. just looked up welsh cakes ..have to say my mum in law made the best ones lol ..... When my children were little she would make a tin full for our trip to wales ( she was from wales ) they could only open them when we see the sign .. Welcome to wales ... And they would fight to get the tape from around the tin to open it ..


Hi again, What an amazing memory!! They always remind me of nana hers were immense but I didn't get the recipe in time :( but I tried my best and they taste gorgeous but will never be hers, but like you I have lovely memories to hang on to. X x


Well done!

It is such a nice thing to do!



Thank You lovely, I hope it helps xx


Oh, these are wonderful recipes! Thank you soooo much!!! XX


Thank You! Thats no problem if you want any recipes made allergy friendly i will try my best to help xx