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IBS/Gall Bladder-stones/?

I know IBS is another one of those problems some FMS sufferers struggle with. Some years ago I was having awful problems, CT scan revealed slightly inflamed gall bladder, with 2 huge stones that were too dangerous to remove or 'blast', at risk of blocking bile duct which is dangerous. I made some diet changes (no to dairy or fats for cooking) and since then I've stopped wheat which has benefited digestion.

A few weeks ago, the feelings of nausea, pains, bowel changes (sorry) have come back and getting worse by the day, & no appetite. Over the last 3 weeks, District Nurses have been making visits to try to get my veins to give up blood for testing, finally succeeded yesterday (deep small veins & odema etc). I've been coping quite well, mood wise :), but I'm starting to worry now. Surgery of any kind is a no-no, lung condition. I had Carpal Tunnel surgery a while ago, local anesthesia only. I felt traumatised (not made to be a hero), and it was a complete waste of funds and peoples' time, limited benefits for limited amount of time.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has had similar problems and how it was/is treated.

Tulip :) XX

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Hi Tulip, my daughter had gallstones and has a needle phobia. I ran with her to A&E so many times as she was in agony. It took 2 years to get a diagnosis because she wouldn't let them take blood. Finally, one night she was in so much pain that she let them take blood. The gallbladder disease turned into pancreatitis and she needed an emergency op. That was a very difficult time for her because she was terrified as everything they needed to do to treat her involved needles. After a lot of coaxing from the nurses; and even the surgical team came up to the ward to talk to her (nightmare) and finally she did have the surgery to remove the gallbladder. That was around 7 months ago. She says that the whole experience has traumatised her. Her bowel habits have changed for the worse and she still has problems with eating, digesting food too, which she says are never discussed with patient before surgery. She's 27 years old and not a happy girl. She also has IB but undiagnosed. Sorry that this isn't a good story with a better ending. But I wish you good luck and send you soft hugs x. PS.... My daughter googled people who have had gallbladder removal surgery and found load of their personal stories. She just regrets not reading them before she got her surgery. Xxx


Bless her, sounds awful. I very much hope she can work her way through that and out the other side!

I dont know what my options are, they will not operate, regardless! Thank you for sharing anyway. :) Tulip xx


I really hope that what ever happens that you do get relief from this awful infliction. Thank you and bless you x


I have not endured anything of this nature, but I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thank you Ken. Your kindness is always appreciated. Tulip :)


Hi Tulip, I really understand your concerns. I had my Gallbladder removed back in the 90's. I was extremely ill and had a stone lodged in the bile duct. GP's first diagnosed me with stomach Ulcer...how wrong they were. I have frequent attacks and fortunately through work (private Insurance) I finally got a correct diagnosis. My Gallbladder was covered in stones and was damaged. Keyhole surgery was attempted, but they found the Gallbladder was stuck to my liver and I had to have full surgery. It took me 3-4 months to recover. I am sure that had it been diagnosed at an earlier stage, it would not have deteriorated this far. I have a 9 inch scar across my abdomen. The good news is that I have never looked back. It must be worrying for you and I sincerely hope that this is resolved for you and you feel better. Sending you healing thoughts and best wishes. Please let us know how you get on.

Tannels xxx


Hi Tannels, thank you for sharing your story, i'm glad it was sorted out in the end. I have every reason to trust my dr. I'm just hoping medical science has moved on since I last saw anyone about this problem! Tulip xx

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Hello Tulips. My husband had his gall bladder removed last year and in spite of having Diabeties, Angina and an illness that could cause a stoke at any time, he had no problems with the op and was soon back to normal.

The thing is that you only read about those who have problems. Because all those who come through without problems have no reason to write about it.

I hope things go well for you.

Hugs sue x


Thank you Sue. My biggest problem is my lung condition. My (much loved & trusted) GP said a while ago no Surgeon would operate on me if a procedure needed anesthesia. Nausea & fatigue is really getting to me. Recently my youngest daughter has been getting more involved in my care. It still bugs me, the parent should care for the child no matter the age. She is such a darling but it goes against the grain. I dont want to worry her, getting harder to smile, harder to hold back the tears 'til she leaves.

Of course you are right, you only hear the horror stories. Until the blood tests come back, nothing is written in stone. Cant work out my options until I know for sure what's going on. IBS, pain & fatigue, all symptoms of FMS.

I appreciate people sharing and caring, and it helps me to have this opportunity to let it all out.

Take care. Tulip xx


Hello again,

i can appreciate that you have a good GP but as good as he is he is not a surgeon and even surgeons disagree as to whether to operate or not.

When i had a nerve go wrong causing food to get into my lungs I was told that i needed a Thoracotomy to clean out my lungs and to sever the nerve that was causing the problem. This was explained to me by a junior surgeon who finished by saying that i was too weak to survive and it would be 6 weeks before they could operate. just then the senior doctor came up and said that having to wait was nonsense and that they would and did operate on the mon.

It may well be that another doctor will disagree and could do the op that you need. I think that it might pay to see a specialist.

lots of hugs :)


At last :) not a horror story, you're still here to tell your tale! :)

I know i'm jumping the gun a bit. I had an op. (Gynae 2005), that one said short of life or death he would never operate on me again. I was stunned to silence at the time, but when I spoke to GP (different 1) I had had a near miss and was lucky to come out of it. Medical science is constantly evolving, and I think that's how I should look on it until next week. I found out earlier 'they', as in my nearest and dearest, are coming tomorrow. I intend to enjoy it, sleep for recovery until GP gets back on Tuesday!

Thank you Sue. I wish you a happy bank holiday. :) Tulip X




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