Should I bother going to hospital?

Basically I'm in complete and utter agony all over my body. I came off all pain meds in August, other than paracetamol, and I'm really struggling with the pain right now. Is it worth me going to hospital where I know I can get more immediate relief? Or is the stress just not worth it? What would you do?

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  • Go back to your g.p good luck x

  • Try GP first if no luck then Hospital. Good luck xxgins

  • I'm newly diagnosed and GP wants me off all my meds. I won't get anything from her for the pain.

  • I would go & see another go & explain your pain,I always get great drug _ pain relief,but I had go to another go as an emergency appt... Good luck xx

  • It's meant to say GP & not go x

  • I would echo what everyone else has said and suggest that you get an emergency appointment with a doctor, not your doctor as she is being unsympathetic, hopefully you may get someone who understand fibro more and is open to giving you help with medications. I really don't understand why your doctor would want you off all meds and leave you in agony, that isn't what their remit should be. You are perfectly entitled to a second opinion in any case, so don't be put off, go for a different doctor and see how you get on.

    Wishing you all the very very best, and do let us know how you get on :-)

    Foggy x

  • That medicine dump is when the doctor cannot figure anything out anymore and they believe that you may be over treated. Then they will prescribe as symptoms appear one by one. It's very cruel to do such a thing when you have so much pain..It's your human right to be pain free..

  • I agree with what has been said, I don't understand either why she has taken you off your meds. if you make an emergency appointment you are more than likely to get a different GP

    Good luck xx

  • Hello

    I have heard of people coming off their med's but that is so the GP can re-assess what is going on and start again.

    I would certainly go back to see a GP though, a different one if you can though.

    Hope it goes well.

    Is x

  • While this is going on, its acceptable to have emergency appointments but the same doctor that took your off the medicines should be the one to re-add the medicines or needs to detail the symptoms..

  • yes, some are old prescriptions that are treating conditions that no longer exist. The body is ever changing and repairs itself so when you are on more than a few medicines, the doctor does a dump..

  • You don't say why the Dr wants you off all medicines, if you are in pain that is not helping you to cope I would go see another Dr definitely.

  • Hi,

    see if you can see another GP at your practice.



  • I'm seeing the pain team. They are the ones who want me off all my meds as the morphine can sometimes make symptoms worse (plus the added side effects). For me it was definitely the right decision over all but for now I'm stuck in limbo struggling on the bad days. Luckily I have some tramadol stashed away but that doesn't bring much relief. Morphine long term makes my pain worse so that's not an option either. I was wondering if it could work just for acute phases.

    My GP is very understanding and I'm only just beginning my fibro journey with her. She has been brilliant and I have 100% faith in her. I've just swapped from an old GP who was happy to put me on anything and everything. Now I've stopped taking so many meds I do feel much better. But like I say, it's the acute phases I struggle with. Hence me wondering whether it's worth popping to hospital, if only to get me through this flare?

  • Any symptom that becomes unbearable (even pain) has to be reported.

    Call ahead if possible..if you reach the point of "I Cannot stand this a minute longer" then yes..Deep breathing, visualization of pain leaving the body may not be enough..over the counter pain meds probably aren't enough either. I cannot judge your situation -but you know what you are feeling and how much you can stand of pain so decide according to that. God Bless, xxx Karen

  • Hi i took gabapentin 300 mg last night for the first time and will not take it again. I felt spaced out, sick to my stomach, headache and felt like i was gonna puke. It says to take 3x a day but how can i when i've got a 3 year old? I could barely take care of myself let alone a child. When i woke up this morning i still felt like crap. The reason the dr prescribed this was because they found a cyst behind my knee, also i've got nerve damage on my right leg from a fall. Please help and give me some advice on what i should take? I'm in desperate pain.:(

  • Ask about Pregablin, I was on Gabapentin, they should perhaps have started you on a lower dose, as slowly bringing you up to higher levels can help reduce the side effects. I stuck it out with Gabapentin and found the side effects reduced over time. Gabapentin slowly stopped working for me and I was then given Pregablin, again side effects pretty rubbish at the beginning, but diminished over time. I'm glad I stuck it out as I'm doing really well and have been for a long time. Pregablin is designed for nerve pain.

    It will be different for everyone, but my GP was amazing and encouraged me to stick it out and it was definitely worth it!

    Good luck

  • Kate, I was on gaba and gained close to 17 pounds total almost overnight. I was on it less than one month. Some people over on my restless legs forum reported the same thing. I would take that drug again because it works but I would step on the scale every single day. It was the most stubborn weight that I ever took off.

  • Yes same happened here with Gabapentin, but it was probably just a relief that the pain wasn't as bad. Pregablin caused just a little weight gain which I've lost again, because I'm more active now because the pain isn't nearly as bad. Pregablin has been wonderful for me. Have been taking Pregablin for quite some time now and can't say enough good things about it!

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