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Sorry people but with all the excitement of today i am worn out and my hips are seizing up by the min and mty fingers are frozen to the bone so i am now off for the evening to have a date with wait for it hot bath withlots of bubbles and a bag of popcorn freshly popped a glass of lucozade ( the hard stufff well it is a weekend!!) and my sister has lent me the inbetweeners movie dvd and bridesnmaids so that is me all set up fro the night i hope you all have a lovely evening and relatively pain free night and will be on here tommorrow unless i win the lottery tonight in which case will be in hawwaii or mauritius :) :) love to all Diddle xxxx

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Hope you had a lovely soak and the popcorn stayed dry!! sound like you are the one to watch then Lucozade you sure know how to live it up!!

Enjoy the films have got Bridesmaids not watched it yet though, hope you have a good sleep and feel better tomorrow Ruby xx


Thanks everyone but i dint take popcorn in the bath lol mnow on sofa with that or will be in few min s enjoy evening and watch out for that lucozade it is lethal you know love to all diddle x


You have had a very busy week, so enjoy and chillax honey, you deserve it!! have a good nite xxx


Hi diddle have a good night i love them films, they are sooooo funny.

If i won the lotto i would still take my laptop for this site lol.

kel xxx


Bath? I wish! Hope you enjoyed yours though. The cold of the metal seeps through and ruins it for me. Presume yours is not metal? Had never bothered me before. Thinking I might pop a towel down first. You have certainly tempted me, though not tonight, too late. Hope you slept well after too!

Soft hugs


hi no my bath is plastic one ,,lol and no went to bed at midnight still awke in pain at 2 am and got up at 4 am now on 2nd cup of tea love to you diddle x


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