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think its going to be

ho there guys think it is going to be a long night, my body is tired but me brain is not, will watch a horra film then play game on lappy. not sure what to do really.... mind you is my mastif keeps passing wind i might get some sleep by him knocking me out hehe...

i think you guys are gr8 you always answer question on here for people.

the other site i was on was not that good as no one was ever on line..

any way will not bore the pants of ya take care soft hugs xxx :)

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Hope you manage to get some sleep x

hi rhirhi thank you hun, hope you are well xx

and welcome to the site it is a very good one indeed

night night hun sleep well if you can xx

Lol i know the site you mean i am on that but never go on it it has not got the same feel about it has it this site feels like you are talking to your best mate from the 1st time you go on here and people seem more like true friends yet never met, but anyway some people may prefer that site to this one so not saying anything bad it is personall choice, anyway i hope that you are in not so much pain today you take care love to you Diddle x

hi there diddle pain in hands and mt head is killing me, got the doctors on monday as getting worse with the pain and forgetting things more.....

i have left the other site now as as you said this site feels like home with the family strange but true..

i hope you are ok diddle look forward to our chats xx:)


Morning Pammy,

If it is the same site that i was on i know exactly what you mean, nobody answered me and when they did it was days later when sometimes that problem had passed and there was another one in its place, you know what this fibro is like lol, its a good job we can laugh somedays isnt it?

hope you got some sleep, I am wishing you a good bearable day. :)

kel xxx

morning pammy! hope the dogs backside is under control now!! Made me laff!


hi pammy, hope you managed some kip last night and are not in as much discomfort today. which horror film did you watch in the end? I've got one called Cronos on my Sky+ (am into vamps - sorry!) but am too scared to watch it yet lol.

have you thought of lighting a match when your mastiff farts?! my cats do silent but deadlies too :-/

forgot to say that ever since seeing the title of your posting, I've had Elton John's Rocket Man pootling round my brain lol.

And I think it's going to be a long, long time, til touchdown brings me round again to find I'm not the (wo)man they think I am...

hi sammicat. to be honest with you i can not remmember which horror film i watch nuts isint it dulf, what am i like and yes the mastif did fart and then look at me to say what t was not me then got off the soffa, man did it stink,,, i think i passed out then lol :(

jazer morning thanks for ur mailing on here, its nice to know that people care for each other ....if i am slow replying i am sorry lappy is a bit slow this morning hey just like me hehe.... :)

hi west gate glad to have made you laugh..... mastifs are not small dogs nor are there i am sure i will get him back if i eat the wrong foods hehe.. have a good day if you can xx :)

Hi Pammy Is it a really good idea to be watching a horror film before you go to bed!!! I thought the idea was so you could sleep lol but what ever floats your boat as they say, not into horror so jumpy would be a wreck!

Perhaps you could pop an incense stick into your dogs bum so when he passes wind it would be fresh ha-ha Ruby xx

oh i just love horror films, i use to watch them and then go for a walk in the church yards....

i dont do love films at all too weepy for me lol....

and for putting things up my dogs bum is a NO NO he is a very big dog will just let him fart tills his heart content lol xx

Hi Pammy, recently discovered jigsaw world on FB and find it great for making my eyes shut! trying to match puzzle pieces when its late at night get me sleeping as they start moving round on their own eventually and the brain cannot cope with that lol :)

hi gypsycrafter i do play games on my lappy if i am having trouble with sleep. like to play hidden objects and like you puzzles.. but some times my hands and fingers hurt so then i have to give up..... but hay i think i am lucky as i am alive and have my fella in my life. some people are not as lucky as us. but thats just me being me.....:)

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