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I put my daughters car on e bay and was then gonna dye my hair but my arms were killing me and really didnt feel like it hen my sister called to say she was going to Asda and did i want anything bless her sheso sweet to me she 2 years younger i said no but if you pick me up will come with you for gossip and hold on barrow for support so thats where i ended up then she wanted to drive to Gt Yarmouth to take pairshorts back for my little niee so i went alongfor the ride what turned out to be half hour trip ended up a 2 hour shopping fest !!

We went to few shops i was stumbling all over the place but laughed to cover up my pain etc then we passed a milk shake and smoothiemshop called ellie moos (which is what i had yesterday)my ister wanted to try one so we ended up getting banana and rapberry smoothie to feel healthy followed by a ice cream milk shake munchies thick shake oh dear that was nice plus my sister had bought us afresh cream rasbperry puff which we ate going over and i had a ginger cake slice and fromage frais before i done ny of this

so now my tummy aches i dont know if i can hang over he bath lol now to wash off the dye i think i had better have a baked potato for tea to balance out all the sweet stuff !!

si i ended up having a really lovely day with my niece and sister and to top it all my sister bought me some beauiful studd earrings and a lovely pimk and diamante J on a key ring for jill my name

i really do consider myself very lucky to have suvch a lovely family who really care and look after me. i hope you all had a lovely day all my love Diddle x

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Hi diddle, sounds like you had a lovely day :-) i'm still in my jim jams and have been for the last couple of days full of pain, but i grin and bear it, the sun is shineing and hope it stays that way and maybe i can go out tomorrow :-) enjoy the rest of your day hun ..... xxx :-)


aw thanks that is what i am now gonna do have a bath and get in pjs i cant do my hair now it is too late and my arms and hands are killing me love to you diddle x


ohh Diddle that was a lovely piece and a lovely sister you have too ! I not keen on shakes am afraid but you are heheh. It does no harm to do that spare of the moment thing and just go for it as we get stuck in a rut!!

Think though after all that you consumed i would feeel really sickly lol .

Now you will just have to sit with TV remote in hand or laptop or comp whichever and have some 'you' time chatting away as i think if you can keep occupied and chatting it can take your mind away.

When i had particular girls employed i did not have to leave my home/office and i was worse i got so stuck here and excuse after excuse lol but now i have to go out i have to be focused and it does help..

You will prob feel if for a few days now for that eventful day!!! i know it takes me a good 3 days i stay on sofa haha. i think i made a dip in the sofa now i sit here so much (except when working)



That milk shake shop will drag you in every time you pass it Diddle!!. Gonna see if there is one near to me as they sound lush. Not sure about the cream cake on top of it though! xxx


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