Who wants a laugh??

I know it's not really fibro related....but then again I think it might be!

I bought a lovely tub of ice cream the other day - caramel with honeycomb pieces and chocolate covered biscuit pieces. Now I'm not a real lover of ice cream - I have to be in the right mood. But I thought I'd just have a spoonful and it was indeed lovely.

Next morning now! I opened the fridge door and sitting on the shelf was my ice cream!!!!!!!!!! What a numpty eh?? I think it was a sign actually, not to be eating the stuff!! My face must have been a picture! And I really don't remember putting it in the fridge!!! I suppose I could put it down to fibro fog...it's more likely a senior moment!!! Ha haaaaaa XXX

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  • Thank you, a giggle is always welcome. Which ever it was, fibro or senior it was funny :)

  • I hve just had strawberries and ice cream I wonder where I put the tub? :) :D xgins

  • Honestly....I've laughed and laughed about this ladies!! True, it is funny!! XX

  • I just needed a laugh out loud moment so between you and gins I got it, thanks. After saying thati have just remembered I had a cuppa made for me before I pack some more, its cold :)

  • To me that would have been an 'OH! NO!' moment! And then I would have cried! I am lactose intolerant and buy a lactose free ice cream and it is really expensive so I savour every mouthful.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Oh no Ken!! That would certainly have annoyed me!!! XX

  • Al least you did not put it in the cooker. I put the butter in the oven last week and then forgot about it. the next day switch on the oven to pre-warm it and went to have a cup of coffee and Fancy melted butter and plastic anyone?

  • Hehehe. I remember a Lady who gave the housekeeper the evening off and put jelly in the oven. But that was just clueless.

  • Hi Sue, i can still remember my ex husband searching everywhere for his work boots, luckily he was on night shift as i found them in the oven when i went to put dinner on! I have thrown £50 in the bin and rubbish in my handbag before, and today i turned off the oven but left on a ring on top, when my daughter came home and turned switch on at the wall for cooker the oven gloves caught fire as she left them on top of cooker. Help.....

  • Oh dear!!! I think we should all sign in to Fibro City!!! XX

  • thanks for the giggles.

  • It's good we can all laugh about our fog moments I put the low salt in the fridge last night!! My son said what you doing mum? My reply was what now! Lol. He said you have just put the salt in the fridge oops

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