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Help for Itchy,

I was thinking to share my experience with itchiness as I saw another blog recently. I have the same problem, in fact, I still have. What I do is apply Sweet almond oil all over my body especially after the bath instead of cream. I had a horrible period with itchy all over my body with patches. I did not know what to do. I did not go to the doctor as once she prescribed a steroid spray and it gave me permanent scars (she was a dermatologist). It was very stressful. Then I started to apply Sweet almond oil, stopped applying soap or body wash or body cream, everything. After few days my skin started to get better and now I havn’t got any patched at all. Still I don’t apply body wash very frequent. In fact, I was thinking to make my own cream with natural oils. I already ordered and waiting for them to try.

Only thing I cannot bear when my eyes starts get itchy.

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What a brilliant tip sweet almond oil worth trying out thank you xgins


I get itchy knees and shins in bed, both get very hot and red, then I start scratching. I like natural remedies and may well give your almond oil a try, thanks :)


Almond oil is excellent for any dry skin conditions. It is also a fantastic hair conditioner. When your hair gets dry, as it does tend to at this time of year after months closeted indoors with central heating on. Warm the oil by placing the bottle in a cup of hot water, them massage into your hair and scalp before going to bed, wrap your hair in an old towel, or use an old pillow you don't mind getting oil on. Wash your hair twice the next morning and your tresses will be like silk.

Em xx


I love almond oil on my skin - it's the best thing you can use for dryness and it costs pennies compared with most branded products!

Moffy x


I tend to get an extremely itchy head and arms. At one point thought it

Might be lice but wasnt. Thanks for thw advice will try almond oil.


Where Do you buy Almond Oil ? Sounds good As

I itch my arms and legs while asleep as they are so dry.


A GP once diagnosed my itchy rash as scabies, and prescribed foul smelling stuff for

me and the rest of the family to douse ourselves with. Needless to say this didn't go

down well at home, no-one else got the rash anyway and it came and went with me

on a fairly regular basis. The front of my legs (below the knees) sometimes get so

itchy, the skin burns because I rub it so much. The area at the base of my spine is

the same, and also around my abdomen. Great, just dwelling on it has started it off!


I itch all over so this may be good for me .The other thing I do is make myself not scratch hard I know .x


I am glad that you are happy with this. You could buy Sweet almond oil from a herbal shop or by online. Important thing to check when you buy is, it must be sweet almond rather biter almond. Usually, good sweet almond oil, colourless, odourless, very easy to absorb to the skin. (Low viscosity) However, Vegetable oils get rancid after some time. Therefore, you could find oils with vitamin E, as Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which is very good for the skin too.


Thank you for this information and I am sooooo going to try it. My scalp itches a lot then burns because of scratching my whole body itches due to very dry skin and like others what the doctor prescribed me stinks so I dont like using it.. I used to use Garnier 7 day but that doesnt seem to work anymore so sweet almond here I come :)

Big hugs to everyone




I too suffer with eczema and mad itching, and have been using natural moisturisers such as, sweet almond, Shea butter and vitamin E, they really work. The less chemicals you use, the better - at 47 years old, I am covered with the skin of a twenty year old!!!!



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