Pip assessment today

Had my assessment this morning

Here's how it went

Before I left had agonising stomach cramps as if needing toilet so I went and nothing happened, got up and cramps started again, back on loo, nothing happened again so just left for assessment, kept having stomach cramps all the way there on the train.

Then my sister and I got lost and I ended up being half an hour late for it.

Just before entering the building where my assessment was being held a bird crapped on me

And finally during my assessment, lady got me up on the bed, I was to lay down flat and try to lift my legs up, I couldn't manage this but whilst trying my left leg went into a really bad cramp, I had to get off the bed and jump around the assessment room squelling like an idiot with the pain haha

Apart from all that it seemed to go ok I think, had a really nice woman, so now just to wait for that dreaded brown envelope to come through my letterbox

Hope everyone is as well as they can be and also hope everyone is enjoying the lovely sunshine we have been having 😃 xxx

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  • Fingers crossed for you, meant to be good luck getting bird poo on you, not so great at the time though 😃

  • Thank you Annita 😁 told the woman assessing me about the bird pooing on me and she said ohh that's good luck haha so really hope it was lucky, dont feel it just now though as getting lost today meant having to walk alot further than I should have to get to the place so I am currently hardly able to move and in severe pain, both my hips and knees are in agony and my back 😢 thank you for your kind reply, hope u are doing well 😁 xxx

  • That's a pity you got lost, it's hard when you get so sore. I know that feeling. X

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • The thought olf you jumping around the assessment room is hilarious would love to have seen the assessors face. Fingers crossed the brown envelope delivers good news. Let us know please.

  • Hi,

    I'm the same as John jack, wish i could have seen assossors face, just hope with you jumping about to ease spasms she doesn't think your fitter than you claim to be & deny you pip, best of lluck x

  • Hi thanx for giving us a laugh, hope all goes well for U x

  • Thanks everyone for the replies, I really appreciate everyone's wishes of luck, ok jumping was a bit of an exaggeration haha I was more hobbling around trying to get the pain away, couldn't think of that word at the time so just put jumping haha, the assessor was very kind about it, asking if I was alright, she seemed really nice and down to earth 😁 will keep you all updated

    Thanks again for kind replies 😁 xxx

  • Good luck Hun I'm still waiting for an assessment xxxxx

  • Hi. I have my PIP assessment on 27th april. Im not sure what to expect. Can u give me a rough idea of what they say and do pls. Thanx julie

  • Hi Julie, sorry for the late reply, at your pip assessment you will just be asked all the questions that you answered in your pip form ie can you cook a meal, can you wash yourself, can you dress yourself? Always go by how you feel your worst days to answer these questions, after all the questions, you will have the physical examination, in mine she dropped a piece if paper on the floor and asked me to bend down and pick it up, I refused to do that coz I know it would cause me pain and discomfort, she was fine with that, also asked me to raise my arms up, put them behind my back, got me to lay flat on the bed and lift my legs up as far as I could, mines bearly left the bed and while trying to do this my left leg went into a bad cramp lol, you can refuse to do anything that you cant do, anything that would cause you pain and discomfort, my assessment only lasted an hour and the assessor was very nice, hope this has helped you a bit, good luck with your assessment, hope it goes well for you, keep me updated x

  • Hi. Thanx for the reply. It will help

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