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Blue badge any ideas with hypermobility too

So went to Neurologist 12th last wk and i also have hypermobility and now awaiting a brain scan! when not sure..but explains i guess why i have all these mobility problems. Only thing is would i be entitled atleast to a blue badge as walking is not brilliant and some days are really not good. I think if i did not take the combination of pills i would really struggle. But when bad even the pills dont help the weakness in legs . not always though.

I do not think i will last much longer in a Manual car as the clutch because of my left leg is so difficult andnot getting easier at all..I have never claimed for anything, all i want is a little help to be nearer so to have a little longer in the shops..instead of walking in and loooking at the size of the place and thinking ..forget it had enough. HELllllp please ;-D xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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If you do not get DLA I think you have to get a letter from your GP to go with your application for a Blue Badge. I know that in the future the government are going be to stricter about who can have a B;lue badge but you should get one ok


Check with your council - local councils usually have the form. You may be able to get one with a letter from your GP as Ebony said.

Motability is something one can use the mobility component of DLA for. If you had high-rate mobility DLA, you would automatically be entitled to a blue badge as well.


hi i think you should apply download form off internet i didnt go to my GP but had to name her on fornm and got mine in 5 days so good luck it has been godsend to me love diddle x


Ebony, Lindsey many thaks for the replies. Really appreciate it as all this is so new to me over past 2 yrs and only just starting to get somewhere!

I guess this maybe a bit of a long bind then considering i do not get any sort of disability as self - employed never crossed my thought be eligible. Everyone else keeps telling me to go claim.any ideas how long a process this is. It so happens i am car sharing as mine was written off New yrs! so maybe i could try for a car too at this rate :-/

The neurologist was more annoyed i was not sent to him in 1st place with obvious signs apparently. Yet he said the Neuro surgeon passed me wrong direction because he could not operate on me as i am a high risk person with 90% chance of paralys. so just shoved me out the door!

I do not get any sort of benefits never tried either.

i guess i will have to wait the neurologist first passing info to my Dr's then i will have to discuss with doctor if can help me, I look perfectly healthy too on the outside. I cannot predict the worst days i have to go to get help as it is unpredictable lol on how bad a day is going to be. x x x


Hiiii Diddles ,

So you can actually apploy online??? OOOO so all i need to do is put everything in that i have and who i been to seen etc? xx



I have ME which has made my life very miserable for nearly 2 years now.

.I truly know what you mean about looking at the place and thinking 'too big, going home' as I have done that several times!!!! My advice is yes do apply for the blue badge. Yes you can do it online, however some of the boxes you are given to fill in are no way big enough, i tried several times, gave up and phoned the helpline and did it over the phone. My application failed because the computer 'said no', The wonderful lady i was speaking to told me that often happens as the computer only looks at the tick boxes, not what you write and told me to appeal giving me all the info I needed to do so.I contacted my GP and OT and asked for their support which they gave. I then wrote an appeal letter and sent it off. You have to be determined and patient, prepared to phone up on a regular basis to chase it up.Finally 4 months later I was awarded the badge.It has made a huge difference to me and was worth the effort. However i now find myself waging a campaign against 'peasents' who think that although they dont have a badge they can park in disabled spaces.I really hope you are successful.

Re the car..... I have had to go over to an automatic, best thing I did. Re looking healthy on the outside, so do I, what we look like means nothing, we know what we actually go through on a daily basis!!


Thankyou Wenjay!! I have not got ME well not been told i have lol and i have been so rottenly fatigued also for the past 2yrs come this May! i go through phases of extreme fatigue but yet will sleep wake up feeling so tired and need to keep awake! its a catch 22 situation at times...make syou feel miserable and the friends and family do not always understand how much impact it has on your life at all.

The Neurologist is sending me to some top brain man if my MRI comes back ok to try put my brain back on track (whatever that means ) like a car thats all electrics and the electrics go , you cannot send to any old garage, it has to be the main one to be connected up to the machine to re tune again..thats me am all messed up!! I am not entirely convinced this will work. I feel matters have gone too far now.

I hate the flu feeling in my head day in day out over this past year or so aswell as these nasty headaches that cripple me. on steroid at moment as cannot clear it at all.

I know what you mean with the parking spaces!! omg i see it all time. I not got a badge but of course the way i feel aswell i still cannot use the spaces as not entitled to. so have to walk and when you go in its bright and feels spaced out some how and i just want to turn around and go back out..walking around with all these people and the talking going on ..i sometimes just want them horse blinkers on lol xx

Glad you got yours even if did take a while

now am not an automatic person as we had one before ..i call it s lazy car lol OUCH sorry...but i am going to need one very soon its a pain!!!

I think your allll so great on here..i could not moan like this on fb all my friends would desert me and steer clear! it is a true factor if your down no ones around x


See the official link I posted for information on DLA. It can be difficult to apply and to get awarded this benefit, especially these days. This information should help:

DLA is there for people who need help to get around or care for themselves (whether or not they get this help). It is a benefit to help pay for the extra costs of being disabled. You can receive it whether you are employed, self-employed or not working. It's a real shame that it's being taken away next year as it makes so much sense. Being disabled is expensive!


Lindsey, Great help and will try ..not sure i should just wait my brain scan yet as maybe more to all this that i have going on. who wander my heads in a muddle puddle hehe.. xxxxx


Prior to being diagnosed with FM, I was told I had psoriatic Arthritis and Hypermobility. I applied for a Blue Badge explaining that Disabled Parking Areas were generally nearer to where I had to get and that paying for parking was not the problem. I was turned down immediately. In hindsight, I should have appealed but when you're feeling down you just don't have the fight in you for this kind of thing. I have also been told that it is harder/easier to get according to which Council you come under.


Ohh no barbykins thats so unfair!!

I really understand what you mean about just giving up in a fashion and no fight to be bothered..tehy sit behind the desk and have no idea the suffering! I think really they should be sufferes themselves working and knowing whtat its like! am sure maybe there is so that is why they say go to work and crack on!! but each person suffers at different levels .. i would say my suffering never goes below a 6 /10 ?? and days bad are beyond 10 but get on with it dont we xxxxxxxxxxxxx

i not going to apply yet until i get all infor from doctors as i dont think Neurologist will of sent info yet. I cannot believe i have gone alll these years with things going on ..on and off and now i at this stage of barely been able to lift the arms and carrying 2 ltr milk from one end to other to make a cuppa is heavy (petty but it is how to explain things)

I hve a feeling i have arthritis too my bones on knuckles and inbetween fingers are starting to show and on back of my hand ..cannot make a fist anymore no pressure at all and opening things and peeling potatoes and cutting my favourite veg like sprouts hahah its a chore ..silly it sounds but it is true.. I expect these things later in life!! no offence to older generation at all but to go from full of energetic trampolines and bouncy castles with kids to this is just unreal!!! all inspace of 2yrs!!

How do ppl live this way i am pretty new to it all so still trying to adjust and it is hard. I really feel for you lot who have had for so many years.. keeping that smile of falseness which is who i am now. Clown! some days are ok though i guess but i have no faith in ever been the same again :-( boohooo xxxxxxxxxxx


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