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Blue badge

I'm not 100% sure what's going on diagnoses wise, but all I know is I'm in a lot of pain. The rheumatologist said it sounds like fibro. And has prescribed me other medication to try, but it really aggravated my tummy. Anyway, I am really struggling with silly thing, like taking the children to school, some days I'm ok, but some I'm so stiff. Walking does help abit but then in turn the more I do walk the worse I feel later. I've had enough. I've bee to Uni today where I had to walk over a mile to the campus due to lack of parking, which doesn't sound a lot, but today's a bad day pain wise, and I am now suffering a lot from the walk. I know nothing about blue badge, I don't want any dla or anything, just something to help me park at ease if possible

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Hi charlotte88

I am so sorry to read that you are struggling in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. Quite a coincidence here, as I have been filling out the renewal forms for my wife's Blue Badge this evening. She has MS and uses a friend as a driver for herself.

In our local authority (not sure if they are all the same?) but there are certain criteria that are required to be eligible for a Blue Badge. Such as being in receipt of High Rate Mobility Component of DLA or Being in Receipt of a DVLA Certificate for Driving Ineligibility However, there are many other aspects of disability that makes you eligible for one?

I have pasted you a link below from the GOV.UK Website entitled How To Apply For A Blue Badge: This page also lists a criteria section:

As I have already said, I do not know if different Councils have different qualifying criteria? So it is always worth applying to see if you qualify?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Good morning charlotte88

Sorry you're in such pain. I just recently applied and was successful despite thinking I wouldn't be. I am still awaiting outcome of claim for PIP but do have ESA and a clear diagnosis which they also asked about.

As Ken says it would be good to give it a go tho when you're not getting benefits it does seem impossible with some boroughs.

Take care.

Lyn x


As TheAuthor states if you are on high rate mobility PIP then you should get one automatically. Each council now deal with it own people and each one does seem to have a different attitude to who will be allocated one. They will base this mainly on whether you can walk 20 metres without severe discomfort!!

This is were people get caught out they seem to talk about their good days but that is not when you want the badge! If you can back up your claim with medical evidence you will have a better chance. I wish you well with your claim.

Be Well

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Fibromyalgia is a bit complicated Charlotte. If you don't walk, you hurt a lot more. If you walk around some you will feel better


But if you have other conditions as well as the Fibro it may not be advisable to do too much exercise on bad days. For example I have Fibro and Polymyalgia Rheumatica ( along with a few other conditions) and I'm constantly told by the health professionals to listen to my body and not to do too much when I'm in pain because this will cause even more serious flare-ups.

It's very difficult to manage different conditions like this.


Know that in some areas you need to be on DLA or the new equivalent and other areas you don't. You have a 50/50 chance of getting a badge (Ie either do or you don't) but if you don't apply then it is 100% certain you won't. Can be stressful applying if you don't have DLA but sometimes they will give you six months if you say you are applying.


Hi! I have just put a post on for the same thing. I know how you feel. You can walk but when you do with the fatigue or pain it is so hard yet you want to get on with your life. If you hear anything I'd be grateful to have the info as well. Hope your pain subsides soon.


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