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Our city council have seen fit to only allow a blue badge if you are in receipt of the higher PIP. Anyone else has to go for an assessment. I have had mine for 3 years and it was due for renewal and as I have never applied for PIP I had an appointment yesterday to be assessed. I'm not complaining about being assessed as I fall within the criteria for needing a blue badge.

Reason for my post is that during my assessment I found out some very useful information that will help me. The assessment was undertaken by a physio who specialises in rehabilitation of people with spinal injuries. I thought that was so sensible. So unlike ATOS, but not the time or place to open that can of worms. I was given the phone number for social services. I just call them and explain my condition and they will send an occupational therapist round to assess my home and will make adjustments to suit my needs. Yes!!!! Help and support at long last. I nearly cried I was so relieved.

However, on reflection I now feel like a 90 year old. I'm only 56. I need a stick to walk now, a grab rail in my shower, a rail at my front steps, a step to get into the bath, etc etc. and those are just the physios suggestions. I knew my life had changed. It isn't easy coming to terms with changing from a bubbly outgoing person, always doing things to this more subdued uncertain nearly housebound old biddy. That's not the me I know. I hate the phone now, it stresses me out to phone is to order a takeaway, book an appointment etc. I try not to let it get me down but I know like everyone else who is on the site we can't put a smile on all the time.

Enough of the downer. (Note swift kick to the mental rear end). Hope you all manage some relief today 😺

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  • Yes I think they are getting tougher with everything and to be honest I think everyone is living longer hence there are more information people around with transports and mobility issues. I reckon the way it is going unfortunately they will need a third of the car parking to be disabled friendly. What a sensible idea in your city to have someone who is so qualified. I am pleased for you That you got this good advice. Please let me know how you get on about the blue badge and your assessment for help as well.

    Yes the phone instead of becoming a friend can start to feeel like the enemy. We are having a terrible time lately with friends and family all being diagnosed with bad illnesses and we dread evey phone call as at the moment we are not having any good news I am actually sitting here lately willing it not to ring.

    It is the little things that bring it home to us that we are not the person we were. My old job share partner wants to meet which is lovelynas even though we were different personalities we always got on. The only trouble is work is bound to come op up in the conversation and of course I adored my job so it just rubs in what I am missing but onwards and I Ards as they say just have to adjust to the new us but I know it is very hard sometimes. Have as good a day as you can.😅x

  • Thanks for the kind words. I was told at my assessment that she was recommending that I met the walking (or lack of it) criteria and I should receive my new badge within a couple of weeks. In the meantime mine expired earlier this week so I won't be going out much until it arrives.

    The physio who conducted the assessment was lovely. She told me that she had seen a few people who had been given a blue badge when they had a hip replacement and we're now playing golf again and were upset that they had to surrender the badge 😤. I shall comment no further ha ha.

  • Hi again - reminds me of a relative who knowing about my degenerative condition and that nothing could be done, insensitively went on and on about his knee replacements. He's good as new now which I don't begrudge him but I don't have positive outcomes to look forward to.

  • Hi Sorebones, I like you am aged 56 and absolutely relate to how these sorts of debilitating conditions age us. I have Syrinomyelia and Fibro. My biggest functional concern is ever worsening mobility. I think that having to use a stick and invariably walking so slowly and ponderously, makes us look and feel old before our time. Just purchased a rollator as that seemed like the next thing I'd need and wanted to get used to it. Have only used it once (rather self conscious) at night to walk dog. Thing is, I increasingly stop when out as knees prone to feeling as though they are going to give way, so thought having something substantial enough to sit on would be wise. I'm now thinking maybe I should have got a wheelchair that I could push and then self propel when legs too dodgy? Problem there would be factoring dog in, couldn't self propel and have dog with me. It's a constant process of adaptation isn't it and self monitoring. Happy days 😏

  • Need to look up a rollator to understand fully. I agree with you totally on using an aid no matter what it is makes me feel very old. I am certain that everybody is looking at me and judging me. Same with the blue badge mind you. I have had so many really filthy looks when I park in a blue badge bay. I have actually had people (all have been older) tut tutting at me and shaking their heads, and have heard "disgusting taking a disabled spot" " nothing wrong with her" etc etc. all because I am not old!

    I digress. Oops. I'm good at that ha ha. I have decided that I am going to find the funkiest walking stick possible. I need one that has a Fischer type handle as my other bugbear is osteoarthritis. Mainly in the spine which makes my balance dreadful hence the stick. When I need a chair or a scooter I will jazz it up, make it mine. It won't be drab that's for sure.

    Lets make our aids funky!!! 😺

  • A rollator is a sort of 4 wheeled trolley with brakes, a seat and some sort of storage on board. You can also get a 3 wheeled trilator which is more manoeuvrable in tight spaces but I think not designed to sit on?

  • I have just noticed the bit about jazzing up your walking stick. Mine is now a one off. i bought a pack of two bright sparkly childrens butterfly stickers and stuck them all over my stick. Then to stop them peeling off i wrapped it in clear sellotape. I have had one or two comments on it. :D

  • Hi may rose. That's exactly what I was meaning. Hadn't thought of the stickers so thanks for the suggestion 😺

  • Hi sniffer.

    I have a manual and a power chair, the manual i use for shorty trips out ie doctors, hospitals, one shop to visit and i find that i cant use it on my own for long as it is too painful.

    I also have a very basic folding power chair for longer trips and days out. Also ideal for walking the dog. One hand for the controls and one for Meg who soon got used to walk beside it.

    I hope that you soon find something that will help you.

    Sue. x

  • Hi Sue, the power chair sounds good. What's the range on it? Was it expensive?

  • Hi we bought it second hand for £200. it was a bit of a gamble because if the batteries were duff they are about £100 each.

    Its difficult to say on the range, all i can say is that its never run out on me. On holiday it is in almost permanent use and just gets a top up at night.

    I love my Flossie. :P

  • I think that tightening down is across the board these days. Please do not feel like like a 90 year old because of what you need. A very wise member on this forum said to me the other day that I must need the things that I have so I shouldn't feel bad about it. They were very wise words indeed.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Touché. Thanks Ken x

  • I am 54 got 2 hand rails to help me get up and down stairs got a toilet stand got a think to halp me in the shower got bed rails walking aids I've got a blue bage not happy about them been in my home but they help me that's wot they are there for but I know wot you mean but I still get out now x

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