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Blue Badge

hi all, just a quick question have many of you got a blue badge for parking? I was thinking of applying for one but not sure of the process. I am just getting back into work after 4 months off but still find it hard with my walking etc and if im out and get tired i just thought that maybe getting the badge might help ease things slightly for me. I dont know if i would be able to get one but then again i think what it the worst that can happen they could say no and im not going to be any worse off.

Take Care

Jo xx

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Hi Jo, I have a blue badge it certainly makes life easier esp when its hard and painfull walking to far. I answerd the questions as I did in the DLA, based on my worst days, and If I remember rightly I forwarded a supporting letter from my GP which help't. good luck hope it straight forward for you.

Hugs Ingrid xx



I am in the blue badge application queue as we speak. It depends on which area you live in as to the length of the application and the hoops you need to jump through. Last year I didnt apply despite being bed bound as I had an unsupportive GP and was awaiting a DLA tribunal. The blue badge system changed in January 2012 and now you have to fill in your local authorities form, send in a passport photo, a copy of bills for proof of residence, and proof of ID such as driving licence or passport, all this being signed as correct by an independant witness. Then if you do not get DLA mobility at higher rate (which I dont despite walking with a walking fame and losing job due to mobility issues) you MAY be subject to yet another local authority mobility assessment. I am waiting to hear from them on that front, BUT I have detailed to them which GP can comment (as I am buzy taking legal action against the GP who commented on DLA) and also that if they wish to assess me that they will have to send an assessor to me. I still believe it is worthwhile, as I cannot go to many places without a blue badge. I would say fill in the forms (worst day scenario) and wait for them to get through their admin. If your GP is supportive (as mine now is) who are the authorities to deny you the blue badge. I do hope that despite their red tape and offputting process you manage to get your badge. It will deffinately help with quality of life so hang in there and good luck.

Bright thoughts NN :)

ps I am West Sussex


Yes I've got one - it is a god-send :-)


hi i have one and i just filled in the form then a lady phoned asked me some questions then about 3 days later i got my badge it only took 2 weeks alltogether it does help a lot so i would say try as you say they can only say no good luck


I have just got mine. Very surprised to in fact! Applied initially on line and then sent all relevant paperwork. Had letter back quite quickly to say, that the new 'directive' required a medical for Blue badge holders now. Was given date of 01/08/12. Went with some trepidation. Saw a lovely lady assessor, but was convinced that I would be turned down. However on 04/08/12 got the letter asking me for my £10 registration fee and am now waiting for my Blue badge! The way I look at it is; I may not always look disabled, but my Blue badge tells others that "someone" knows I am! Good Luck. Go for it!! X


Hi All, Thank you so much for your replies. I will have a look into it. I think that it is the fact that if i did get one people might look at me funny as i dont walk with a stick and dont look disabled!!!! and also with my age other people may be funny about it and i suppose im scared in case anybody that i dont know may say something to me. I know that i shouldnt feel this way but strangers can be cruel sometimes as i look ok on the outside.

I think i will give it a go and see what happens and hopefully i may get one and least it will help me a bit.

Do you have to get a letter from your doctor to back it up?

Thanks and Take Care Jo xx


Hi Jo,

I sent mt application online and then sent the photo and copy of my passport through the post.A week later i got a reply they turned me down as they said i needed to have a disability for life.I have just sent them a letter asking them to look at my application again as fybromyalgia is for life.I also sent the letter that my GP wrote for the DLA application.Will see what happens.

Carol X


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