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blue badge?

I am trying to decide whether it is worth applying for a blue badge because I always have to look for spaces wide enough to open the door to heave myself out and walking is hard work some days but ok on others, partly from exhaustion and partly from back or leg pain. It is so frustrating - last week I managed a 40 minute walk round the park with a friend (with a coffee stop) today I could barely walk the short distance from the car park to a shop.

I did apply for one years ago when I was unable to walk far because of fatigue and filled in a great long form then went for an assessment which was a complete waste of time because as soon as the assessor saw I could walk that was it!!

After watching a woman drive into the disabled bay today, leap out of her car and walk off at a rapid pace (I'm not going to comment on that!) whilst I was dawdling along it made me think that it might be work a go.


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Not sure what the criteria is these days. I struggle to walk 100m so I have a badge. really couldnt do without it


i think it depends on what area you are in and also i think your gp has an input into the form as some people have said on here before that they took form to their gp i didnt i jus filled in her name etc and like i say 5 days later i had it no medical it cost 10 pound and 2 passport pics from asda and some people done it over phone at their local library and pics done ther so i think they do it differently for different areas but it should be the same criteria what ever area you are in shouldnt it ? love diddle x


yeah me too only had it few weeks but dont abuse it like most of dont but dont know how i done without it , well actually i do i would not go to town as knew oi could not prk near = pain= cant walk far= go home after 15 minds = misery= no life so i am like you should apply for thes e things the worst they can say is no and reapply i thinkmit depends where you live too i am in suffolk as i ald=so app[lied for a disabled free bus pass and got that 2 weeks ago love to you diddle x


I know what you mean Caroline. I've often looked squint-eyed at the sprightly who park in disabled spots. I had a look a north Devon's criteria for a badge for myself and it's pretty severe. Am still gearing up to apply but am sure as the walking wounded, I'll be turfed out on my ear, especially as I didn't qualify for DLA :(


hi you should re apply i did not think i would get it but did i dont get dla my gp told me to apply for that too so filling in forms 21 may at my dial centre that where she told me to go good luckand go for it love diddle x


hi i got a blue badge 4 weeks ago i downloaded the form sent it off with passport pic and 10 cheque and 5 days later got my badge i filled the form in truthfully tht i cant walk more than 50 meteres and that i occasionally use a stick and that fibro is a permanenet condition or disabiliity how ever you want to put it , i know it is hard but some day si can almost leap out of my car and walk off at quiyte a pace but thats not very often and even when i do i am still in pain and am struggling i used to judge people with badges and thought they look ok why have they got one ? then i got this and believe mre it has opened my eyes i can tell you i look ok but if i had a orb around me it would be racked with pain all over but you cant see it . i would re apply i did not have to see anyone i think my gp was contacted and she sees me rgularly and knows how i am so i dont know if she had anty oinput into it but jus apply they can only say no by the way i was not digging at you ref lady jumping out of car its just we are quick to judge a book by its cover and i WAS the worst probrably but not anymore love to you and good luck with application let us know if you are successful i hope so as it has been an absolute bonus to me but also i dont abuse if i saw 1 space and a person in a wheelchair or a whole lot worse purely by looking at them i would let them have the space good luck love to you diddle x


I got a Blue B

adge with the help of my GP. Didn't have to go for an assessment. Being able to push the door open wide is very important for me too. Anyway, I've said it elsewhere, but I'll say it again - the Blue Badge helped me to get my DLA mobility component upped to higher rate. And that led to qualifying for a Motability car.

And if you already get Higher Rate Mobility DLA, that automatically qualifies you for a Blue Badge.

Apply while you can. Goodness knows what's going to happen once DLA is replaced by PIP.


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