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Please can you tell me what the points are that people are referring to? Do you have to be in receipt of AAllowance to get a blue badge. I will be grateful of any advise as I am no longer able to go out with family as I would like as can't get out of car as the spaces are too narrow. Also, the parking is too far away from where I am going and am in pain by the time I get there.

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  • No you don't unles it has changed. Just ring CAB up they will tell you right away.

    I had a blue badge for years I had to get a letter from my GP and specialist, and apply for one.

    I was on no benifits what so ever unles you count working tax credits.

    All the very best.


  • Hi - just renewed mother in laws, this was easy as she is registered blind so automatically qualifies. Mobility problems can be a little harder to evidence and may require assessment by such as a Physio or OT. Don't think you can involve GP as they could be seen as biased.

  • No you do NOT have to be on any benefits as has been said many times before on here, it's up to the individual Council if they decide you can have one, I also had mine through my Doctor but that was a few years ago, maybe it's changed now.

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  • If you are in receipt of DLA/ PIP, go to the council office and ask for an application form for a blue badge, fill it in, and then take your award letter to verify that you are in receipt of DLA/PIP and the application form back to the council, they will photo copy your award letter, also ask for a receipt of your form and they will do the rest. It usually takes about 4-6 weeks

    Hope that this helps you, good luck :) xxx

  • Sadly I am not in receipt of any benefit. I am 70 years old so obviously not of working age. I am considering applying for attendance allowance though

  • I'm almost the same age and also not on any benefits but I've had a blue badge so I would definitely try for one, as we've said its up to your local council they are all different, just ring for a. Form or apply online, I've also been thinking about trying for attendance allowance, they can only say no can't they 😃

  • Go along to your local CAB office and they will help you fill in the form for Attendance allowance :) xxx

  • Ring your local council and ask for the application form. I was turned down first time but appealed and was awarded one after a walking assessment. My GP was not involved and I am not on any benefit.

  • I agree with panda60. Just contact your local council and request application form. It is not a bad form to complete and you dont need to be in receipt of any benefits . If you can only walk a very short distance dont be afraid to tell them so. The council may call you for an assessment but I am told this is quick and nothing like what the DWP put you through. Having my blue badge has made things so much easier and I go out more than I would if I didnt have it. Good luck. Joolz.x

  • Thank you all I think I will apply.

  • I can see that you have been given some wonderful advice so I will simply wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you everyone. It has been very sound advice and I much appreciate it.

  • I'm not on benefits and I've had a badge for 4 years x

  • I think I shall just app,y as it sounds like a post code lottery! I will report back if I do apply and let you all gave an update. Thanks all.

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