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The other day I received a phone call from my local county council saying " We are sorry to tell you but your blue badge application has been turned down" I have come to accept that they do not think I am as bad as I am. This morning the postman came with a parcel and a white envelope address to me. I opened up the envelope to find to my surprise a blue badge with my name and picture on .

Now who is going mad me or them . My husbands says it maybe a sign that they are starting to recognise Fibro now all I need to do is fight the DLA at my tribunal when I get the date. I am not for giving up now I am 1 little step closer to making then understand we are not mad nor liars we are actually ill and in pain.

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  • Oh Definately them ... But I would recommend not phoning them up to tell them they are mad in case they demand the badge back........ Leaves me wondering who they phoned to say they have got a blue badge and then for them not to have it turn up...... I used to work for the council I taught special needs . And one month I got half pay because I had been off sick .... News to me .... I Definately remember teaching... Fortunately the school secretary sorted it out so nothing any council does anymore surprises me

    congrats on the badge .. Now lets hope you get DLA

  • People kept telling me to get a blue badge but I didn't think I would get one coz most officials don't seem to believe FM is a big problem. Finally I did & got it no trouble at all. I was the most suprised person ever. I have not tried for DLA or whatever it is called yet. I don't know if I have the confidence.

  • When I had a letter to say mine had been refused I thought I would leave it a week and then ring the council,but then I got a phone call from a lady who said all refusals are automatically sent to another department to be looked at again,she asked me a bit more about fibro and my problems,she was very nice and friendly and at the end of the chat she said I will get my blue badge.

    So I think what has happened is your application has gone to be looked at again before you even had chance to ring them and you have been awarded your blue badge which is brilliant news,I would suggest to anyone just go for it,I honestly thought I would never get it but at the end of the day what have you got to lose!

    I honestly don't think a mistake has been made,your application automatically went to be looked at again so well done,its brilliant having the badge,its a shame DLA won't take it into consideration on their applicantion form,as far as DLA are concerned just because you have a blue badge dosnt mean your entitled to benefits!


  • Hi all I thought you could only get the blue badge if you got dla if this is not the case who do you apply to and what is the criteria for badge and who makes the decision re who can get one? I would appreciate some help on this one as a blue badge would be invaluable to me thanks for all the help and information on this website I am so grateful to everyone who posts and shares thank you all so very much xx

  • Have a look here for your Local Authority and an eligibility check.

  • I have been diagnosed and would like to know how to apply for a badge also, for the sake of shopping it can be a right pain if I don't feel well I usually ask for an assistant to push loaded trolley if I feel really ill/achy/stiff and car is parked a away off. Would be handy.

  • Have a look here for your Local Authority and an eligibility check.

  • I think it depends on which are you are in. I used to get Blue Badge on recommendation from GP, then my Council (Bolton) changed the rules. You can only get now if in receipt of Higher Mobility component of DLA. Fortunately I now have both so not a fight to get Blue Badge.

  • I got my first Blue Badge on medical grounds when I was turned down for HRM/DLA. Speak with your GP to ask if they'll support your application and get an application form from your Local Authority - try for info.

    Unless things have changed, you still have to fall into the unable or virtually unable to walk 50m and that even if you are already in constant pain, your pain has to be increased by the act of walking.

    It's not supposed to matter what you've been diagnosed with, it's how it affects you that's supposed to count.

  • I have just sent in my renewal form so I am keeping everything crossed as I really emphasised that nothing had changed. There was a box to tick if you were not getting any further treatment and your condition wasn't going to get any better, which is a help. It's always been difficult explaining that you have something for life but don't see doctors or consultants on a regular basis. Answering the questions this time was like filling in the benefits forms,they even asked what medication you take-not quite sure why.

  • Thank you all for your helpful advice will check with website and see what the criteria is and apply. Have a lovely painfree evening gentle hugs friends. Xxx

  • Can I just ad that you dont have to be in receipt of higher rate mobility DLA to get a blue badge. As long as you send a Doctors letter in with it saying how your conditions affects you then that should be enough! Also you may be called for an assessment to see how bad you really are! This is how it works in my area!

  • Thnk you so muvh have been most helpful. Xx

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