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Quiet again!

Hi Everyone

You probably realised how quiet it has been without me all weekend. It was the worst weekend i have had since having this FM. I dont think there was a part of me that didnt hurt and hurt bad, i ended up so doped up trying to get rid of the pain and the restlessness in my body, i didnt read, watch tv, play on my games, go online nothing, just lay there willing myself to sleep or not wake up ar the worst time.

Anyway although i must have caught up on my sleep a little, (just went to the shops and had to catch a bus back so feel shattered again now but not as bad) my back hurts like crazy still so got a heat patch on. But i am so depressed i just cant stop crying. I was supposed to be going to stay with my daughter and see my grandkids for a week tomorrow but there is no way i can travel 150 miles so i feel my daughter thinks i have let the kids down now. This isnt helping but what can i do?

I wish i could stop crying. I wont be online for the rest day just wanted to say hi and hope most of you had some semblance of a good easter. Not missing anyone but i know some of you are a lot worse off than me and if i felt like that im sure a lot of you did too.

I just wish i could have one day to be able to do what i need to do without pain or tiredness.

Anyway i am sure i will be back soon.

Hugs to all.

kia xx

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Kia, dont worry about your daughter, I am sure she understands. And the grandkids, well they will be delighted to have easter eggs in a few weeks time when no one else does. Yes some of us have worse days, but right now I am concerned about YOU. Stay online, chat with us. YOU do matter, we dont look at who is sicker than anyone else, love and caring isnt measured out like that. If its a bad day then you need us and we will be there for you. Theres always a shoulder to cry on here, we have all been where you are now, and we all called on the group for help. Sending you the softest of hugs and a shoulder to cry on


Awww kia, just want to send you a big gentle hug. :)

I do hope you get some ease soon.

kel xxx


Thank you both and Julie thats very sweet but right now im so depressed i just aint sure if life is worth living anymore. I read most of the blogs for the last couple days and seems so many of us are having bad days but i am just not sure i am that strong anymore. I have no friends or family here all i have is my email friends with the same problems and you wonderful people oin here, but i still cant stop feeling sorry for myself. despite everyone who does undesrtand i just think of the lack of support and all the people who make me feel like a hypochondriac. Anyway i cant see what im writing through the tears now and the last thing i need is to make all you wonder what the hell i am writing. I am gonna try go sleep maybe i will feel bettter when i wake up. XX


HI kia,

my heart goes out to you hun, I do hope you feel better after some sleep and we are always here for you, i know its not as good as someone in person.

Can you daughter not bring your grandkids up to see you?

big hugs, kel xxx


hi and so sorry you are suffering so much at the min . sorry about not seeing your grandchildren and daughter it is hard for them to understand as they dont see you but they will be ok you can go anothertime why dont you ring hem or get webcam so they can see you like that or tell them you will come for longer when you are better theywill get over it kids do send them up an activity pack to make you a card or draw you apucture or set them something to do for you for when you do cone so they have something to ficus on then there minds will be off you not going at this present time love to you diddle x


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