I knew by painting fences yesterday i would be in agony last night and today so why do i do it ?????

well because i feel like i can do all the things i used to and i can that is true but it is the after effect that gets me al;l the pain etc i cant believe to pain i am in my neck my back my whole body but still i go and do it

i think in my mind i say to myself well it may not affect me this time i may be ok ?!

but it alsways does and the trouble is it is affecting me more and more and making me feel worse !

so i really should spread things out as most of the things i do can wait they have not got to be done that day they can be done at a leisurelly pace , but i get something in my head and have to do it there and then

a memeber once said to me she used to be the same as me BUT she wore herself out completelyand now she cant walk hardly at all !!!!

so i think i really should listen but it is very hard with this stuopud invisible illness to not dothings when you still seee the reflection of the girl who was ??11

oh well justr got to pop to asda today and take something back to the shops and thats it love diddle xxxxx

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  • I must admitt that the longer this persists the harder it is to do things - I still challenge that statement all the time, I try a little digging or weeding I have all long tools now as my back is really horrid ! Basically I think we all have to challenge it to confirm to ourselves it is real it is real and horrid poor Diddle caught out again at leasrt you can look at the fence and things and say "I painted those!" Well done you now relax warm bath and try sitting reading x gins

  • Morning Diddle,

    We all think that we should be able to the things that we did before being struck with this horrible fibro thing, doctor at pain management clinic told me to pace each activity, (do 10mins then rest for 20mins) but if we did this jobs would take forever, but i guess perhaps the pain would be more manageable.

    Hope you will rest now and take things easy for the rest of this week at least.

    gentle hugs

    Bonnie Lass

  • Thankyou for your lovely comment nice to know we areall here for each other i write on here how i am feeling and i tell the truth sorry if it is boring and upsets ans sorry if i seem to do the same old thing but that is mty boring life , the funny thing is when i dont wtite anything on here for just a day iget pm from regular readers asking where am i am i ok so i am sorry you feel my blogs are hard or not worthy enough toread but never mind we cant please everyone all of the time can we , oh well i wish you a happy day and hope you enjoy what ever you do in the lovely weather we are having and sorry if i have spoilt your day by my predictable blogs love to you diddle xxx

  • Hey Diddle, I didn't catch the deleted message but I guess it wasn't very nice. I for one look forward to your posts. We all do stuff we shouldn't sometimes knowing we will pay for it afterwards. It is so hard when you see all the things that need doing around the house and hard to have to ask for help. I live on my own so speak from experience lol We are all different but at the end of the day we all cope with mr fibro in our own way and this blog is here for us to support each other. There is nothing wrong with having a rant if we need it but at mr fibro, not each other xx

  • Snap! I too was painting fences yesterday. And yes I too am paying for it. Still have several more to do. BUT NOT TODAY! Everything just takes so long and I want things done 'yesterday'! Thought with 6 weeks school holiday I would have my garden up to scratch in no time. Sadly, half the holiday gone and only about a quarter of the jobs done. Last year it would have been finished by now! But I still refuse to give up and stop doing it at all. If you don't use it you lose it, and I will keep using the little strength I have to keep doing the things I always have done. Even if it does take 3 times as long! I will have to learn patience!!!!!! XX

  • I understand, it's beacuse we don't want to admit we are not as able as we feel we should be. I am in the same position. I put out my bin for collection this morning, and I'm now totally wrecked! I should have kicked my son out of bed to do it!

    We were supposed to be doing the weekly shop today, now it will have to wait for another day.

    I should also be going to CAB today for help with my Appeal, but that will have to wait as well.

    I feel as if I am being forced into the Spanish mindset of Manyana...!

    Cheers, Midori

  • Hello Didle, you should not be doing even lite hose work, if you get cleaner even ones a month would save you having more pain. I do not do the things you are doing , that's because I am a big girl! now 60 years old. I was even worse than you the thing I was doing, for example instead of having carpet on the floor , I have wooden flooring, so on I have arranged everything as easy as simple to be able to manage. The work you are doing is damaging your health more each time. Didle, sometimes we feel confused lost don't know what we are doing, do you think it is one of those!. if not in that case you don't care about your health BUT, we do pls. do not do heavy work to damage you health more, do this for the people who loves you!

  • I admire you for trying Diddle - but it bites us in the bum (and lots of other places too) doesn't it? I try to pace myself and get plenty of rest - but then something wonderful comes along and I just can't resist.

    David Cassidy or the Osmonds in concert does it for me everytime, not just the concert I have to go lurking at stage doors and collecting my cuddles (just 2 with David - 100's with the Osmonds) and photos! Then stay in bed for a week - or a month depending how many concerts I travelled to!

    Julie xx

  • Oops You've done it again!

    I know how you do have to overdo thing a number of times. But fact is we do get worse the longer we are living with this.

    I used to overdo so many things as I was under the impression that I would always heal. I got so fed up of the house, garden, whatever looking so bad and no one would help, isn't that what we are told "no lasting damage".

    Well it is not true. Every flare makes you slightly weaker and before you know it you will be like me and the other lady you said. I can do so little now as my legs and stomach muscles are so weak after pulling too many times. I am finding this home move has hit me badly and I so need rest and healing. So much still to do. But I will take it slow even if my new home looks sad.

    Please pace yourself and try to accept a limitation even when you feel good. It may help you feel good for many more years.

    I love your posts and did exactly as you are doing until 3 years ago.

    Be you, just a little slower. Love & Hugs xoxo

  • Watching I have been thinking along those lines for a long time but didn't want to post on here in case it upset anyone. I have thought "How do they do it?" I feel there must be various degrees of Fibro be ause there is no way I could do half the things some people on here do. I cant get out of bed of a morning, cant walk to corner of street and as for going to the shops, well that is a definite nono. Glad I haven't a dog because there is no way I could take it a walk up the road. Dragged myself out of bed at 2.p.m. this afternoon, been there since Friday as IBS has kicked in as well. In tha bathroom at 3.a.m. this morning in agony which has left me drained all day. Good luck to all those of you who can ge out and about I really do envy you. That,s why I think there must be various levels on the Fibro scale and I,ve now reached the top rung - only one way now!!!!!Dont mean to upset anyone - I,m just jealous that you can do the things I can,t.

  • There are definately different levels of most Chronic conditions and Fibro is no different; from what I can see for some it is nagging pains but life and work go on with a semblance of normality; at the other extreem it is excrutiating pain and being housebound and bedridden 24/7.

    Whether it is a road we travel along or whether we reach a stage and stick there I have no idea - for me I have good days (today was one - I went out for lunch with my daughter and grand-daughter) and bad days (I don't get out of bed). Sometimes too much energy expenditure on previous days is the cause of the bad days and sometimes they just arrive for no apparent reason.

  • Couldn't agree with you more. I fought it for years but with the onset of old age, well being normal is bad enough with aches and pains but when this gets you there's no way you can see the future. Just ignore me, having a really bad time at the moment and bloody doctors dont want to know.


  • Dear Abbeystead,

    No I won't ignore you!

    Sorry you're having a bad time at mo. Doctors are often useless, because we have Fibro they think that every other ache pain or feeling must be linked, so how dare we bother them when there is nothing they can (or won't) do?!! We must just accept it & shut up!

    I mustn't slag Drs off too much, I'm going in for a shoulder op on Thursday, they have to shave the bottom off of top bone & top off of bottom bone to let my swollen rotator cuff muscle thru the gap. Not really looking forward to it, could take up to 9mths for swelling to go down! Don't know if pain will be worse coz of Fibro?

    Try not to over do it, easier said than done I know. I've been trying to get washing, shopping, gardening & work up to date before my op, but have to admit defeat on some of the above!

    Hoping they give me a sleeping tablet to get me thru the first night!

    Just take each day as it comes. It's so hard to plan when you don't know how you'll feel.

    Gentle hugs xx




  • Hi Avril

    Did it all go OK, you sound really bad with this. You must let the doctors know how you feel like this. I hope the thyroid meds kick in for the good soon, and some of your pain goes XGlenys

  • Hello Glenys. Well sat here till afternoon yesterday (takes me ages getting ready and then get myself all worked up before I go, silly bugger). thought my appointment was for 3.50. Looked in my bag and found appointment card, it was 2.50. Rang surgery and asked the girl there and she said I should have been there at 3.p.m. I'm telling you, going doodle ally in my old age. So cant see doctor till Monday now.

    Thyroid med doesn't seem tobe doing anything for me nd I,ve been taking it since June. Expect she will get another blood test done next week. The tablets she gave me for BP I've slung. Read up about them on PC and there are quite a few people who have had trouble with them,so if I kick the bucket by not taking them, well so be it. It may have been them which were making me feel worse. You never know do you, always clutching at straw aren't we.

    Still very tired. Just seem to be one of those awkward patients who never respond to anything. Feel lousy still but have only taken one painkiller today plus my thyroid tab, so I've lived to see another day ha ha! Dont know whether my husband is pleased or disappointed. He's used to my moaning now just ignores me most the time. Just as well he's easy going,but sometimes he's too easy going.

    Glenys many thanks for enquiring, its very nice of you and I do appreciate it. There are so many lovely people on here and so many write to me that I've lost track of whose who. Got someone else to answer so must go back and see what I wrote about a few months ago.

    Thank you my love for your asking. I do go on when I start. Bet you're sorry you asked. It;s because I dont see anyone much these days and oince I start well, I forget to stop. Silly old moo.


    Avril,X. Liverpool.

  • Hi Avril!

    Hope it goes OK on monday - you must let us know.

    BP meds always worry me. My sister developed high BP just b4 we went on holiday to greece together a few yeras ago, and when it shot up really bad whilst still there, the local greek doctor (who didn't believe in ME which she had - there's a suprise..) gave her a standard BP tablet dose which dropped her BP too fast and she keeled over and fitted in the village restaurant! Lucky one of the waiters was into sports medicine, and iced her down! A good diet helped her drop her BP naturally and she has never been on them since!

    I am supposed to be on chlesterol tabs as I naturally settle at 7.1 on a very low fat diet (so docs workeded out it's the hereditory condition rather than diet related), but I read that side effects of the tabs are muscle spasms, which I get anyhow, so I didn't want them worse, and that the heredetory version of high cholesterol is dealt with better by the body anyhow. So I am now on Flax seed oil tabs instead - hoping that they work!

    Good luck


  • Don't think this is a competition about who has this rotten illness the worse or who can do the most. I find I am worse if I don't do things, the longer I sit still the stiffer I get, so have to keep going, I seize completely get muscle spasms, panic attacks, so tend to plod about all the time. Not sure we should judge others who try to do things, even if they suffer afterwards, and this site is for everyone to moan, whinge, ask advice etc etc, if you don't want to read someones posts then don't, but please don't criticise them for putting their feelings down in print, it may make them feel better. Pain free day to you all xx

  • I went through about 8 years of not being able to do much at all (ME and Fibro). Now though I still have all the pain and on regular meds I find the less I do the worse I am. Sounds totally bizarre, but I seem to have found a good balance. I work full time as a social worker, so I have to watch the stress levels, admittedly my family do a lot of the household chores, but I still look after the garden and do deep cleaning every now and then. But when I take a holiday from work, if I don't do something everyday (and I dont mean run a marathon) I'm terrible so fatigued and the pains are far worse!!

    I too walk my dog every day - it's my only real form of exercise (cant do the gm thing anymore), I like to go to the shops when I can and generally try to live a near normal life as possible. And yes I know my limitations and when to rest, but I'll be dammed if this fibro is going to take my life away completely.

    I think we ( people with disabilities ) have enough problems from society in general making us feel guilty about our situations without doing that between ourselves.

    Personally I like to read about other peoples lives and abilities, we are all different and should really be trying to accept each other more!!

    Take care

    Jax xx

  • Hi Jax

    I think you are on the same sort of level as me. I have lived as normal as I could for 20 odd years without a diagnosis and thankfully got through it relatively unscathed - despite constant pain and muscle spasms - in my late teens I was told I had fibrositis.

    I was finally diagnosed 5 years ago I hold down a partime job (21hrs) with the health service and sing once a week for an ents agency. I have worked out I could only do this if (a) I lived alone and could retreat into a little hole every night or (b) I had good support from my family. Mine is the latter - hubby is good.

    As you, I treat some of my work (the singing) as the light exercise I am told to do by my doctor as there is no way on Gods earth I could do any mor exercise on top of what I am doing. I garden when my health will let me, and it really helps from the neck up.

    I feel so sad for people who can't do this though. Like you I find moving around helps me more than keeping still all the time, but I feel that is because my main problem other than (mild?) FMS is muscle spasming. Other folk most likely have something a lot worse going on.

    Stay well(ish) and love to Diddle too (who's thread this is, after all) hope you also feel better today

  • Diddle please be assured that we do everything in our power to monitor all questions, blogs, replies etc., if we notice anything untoward we take action. There have been one or two instances within the last few days where we have had to send messages to specific members requesting their understanding that we are all ill here in the forum and that they should respect that. Your messages brighten peoples' days, you are a breath of sunshine on a "foggy" day, so don't take any notice of a random person who is fed-up with the World and decides to take it out on someone cheerful. We are all here for you and care for you, the forum would be a darker place without our Diddle! Hugs to you from me x

  • Well said LibertyZ x

  • Thanks Lynnh! Hope Diddle sees it either tonight or tomorrow. :)

  • agree. Diddle, here for you.

  • oops! hit wrong key.

    was adding that would enjoy sitting in salon and chilling with you.

    regards, sandra

  • I don't know what was said on the deleted post, but given that it was clearly mean, I think that whoever it was should be ashamed of themselves. Personally, I love Diddle's blogs, but if you don't like something, don't read it! Why people feel the need to vent their spleen at the more good-natured of us, I don't know, but I'm glad to see that all of the support has brought Diddle back in full flow!

    Sara xx

  • thankyou all for your support because of all your kind words i am back and no i wont let anyone upset me again i am who i am and if you dont like diddle how she is the blogs she writes and the life i have then i am ot apologising for it as that is my life i tell it how it is so love to those who support me and to those who dont read on love diddle xx

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