I knew i would not sleep last might woth my arms in so much pain and my whole body just achinmg then with the heat anyway i didnyt tand a chance really did i lol

i expect that you were al;l the same i slept on top of the bed with my round squashy cushions under me and my windows were wide open but still no cool ir coming in , although it feels cooler this morning so lets hope that tonight is a little better

i hear people moaning oh i cant sleep and i think yeah well with fibro i have that all the time !!!!!

oh well hope you all got something nice planned for today and will be back here later love to you diddle x

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  • Oh, Lawdy diddle! Gentle hugs.

    You sound just like me! I've not even slept - and was just like you with my pillows and cushions under me for some comfort. But despite meds - nothing was helping the pain all over. Added to the USUAL pain of Mr Fibro's powerful grip - I am going through a flare up of Costochondritis - And the pain of that is like having busted ribs! (Which I've had TWICE - 20 years apart!) You cannot breathe, move, laugh eat, cough or sneeze without feeling you've been through a torture chamber!

    Lets hope we Fibromites get some decent, restful, refreshing sleep soon.

    Take care diddle - and take it easy for today.


    Carol xx

  • Aw bless you hope you get some restbite soon you sound in so much discomfort bless ya love diddle x

  • Thanks diddle, it'll ease when it's ready - it's controlled by Mr. Fibro - but although each flare up can last different lengths of time - they are not - well not YET - very frequent in happening - just nasty things when they do! Enjoy your Kindle. Gentle hugs.


    Carol xx

  • what is costochondritis, i have flare ups of pain but nobody has explained any thing to me

  • Hey hagi, gentle hugs.

    Flare ups of pain with Mr Fibro are actually - well in my mind - and body! - NOT as bad as Costochondritis - and that by no means belittles how bad the pain Mr Fibro makes you and all Fibromites feel pain - I'm a Fibromite of 38 years myself - and counting. But every now and then - 3-4 times a year I get truly disabling, don't-try-to-even-breathe agonising Costochondritis flare ups. the site here explains what Costochondritis is and what it does.

    I hope this helps hagi.


    Carol xx


  • Yep same here pain kept me awake:-( hope all get a better day soft hugs )))))

    Allan x

  • Hey Allen, gentle hugs.

    As long as it wasn't my non-sleeping snores that kept you up! Hehehe.


    Carol xx

  • No Lol cadee just the normal fibro army :-(

    Soft hugs)))) Allan x

  • Diddle when did you last eat cake...... that maybe the answer to your dilemna.........cake deprivation on a grand scale!!!!

    Hugs, Sue x x x

  • you could be right but i did have some earlier in the week !!!???? the trustee pold carrot cake from poundland ? love diddle x

  • hi there, i've slept four hours in three days, hope you start to feel better, you wee dog it the spitting image of my wee dog who passed away last year, just recently got another wee one, the wee other one near killed me when it passed away, locked myself away,she was like part of me, found a wee new one who just needed a new home, call him weeman, love it but holding back not meaning to, still treat it really well, just hurt so much when shorty died, sorry if i'm going on abit, buttercup hugs oo somebody on this site said that to me though it sounded lovely so here's two. oo keith

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