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What a day!!

Morning All!

Hope some of you managed some sleep.

Slept so badly, woke so stiff and those damn fire ants are making their way over my body again.

Bleeding profusely from behind again and so much pain at wits end with it but appt for specialist not til june.

So will eat healthy today, put heater on and curl up on sofa with duvet i think and tv.

Gotta go neighbours later as promised to watch grand national with her but hopefully will be quiet.

So much for making most of weeken with son away and getting stuff done. :(

Hugs to everyone, wishing you all a reasonable painfree/stressfree day. xx

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Oh kialaya , I know exactly how you feel . had the emergency doc out Thursday for the same thing. Been bleeding and having pain for months now . The doc prescribed some cream but I was scared to use it as it said it could give severe headaches and could make some problems worse. I've been living on pain killers and sitting in baths for weeks ( not literally all the time though lol )

yesterday I phoned the doc and got some different cream with has an anaesthetic in , and I have to say so fa so good , it's taken away about 60 % of the pain so I can at least sit in comfort .

Had loads of tests done last year and they found nothing, doc said I have 2 fissures so it's a case of trying not to get constipated so I have to strain and trying to give them time to heal.

Good luck with your appointment and big hugs from a fellow sufferer :(



Hi KIalaya

so soorry you are in high pains and other problems.

I would call NhS direct about bleeding as need treatment


Hope you get things sorted soon

All the very best

Gentle soothing Hugs



Thanks guys but its haemmorhoids and fissures, docs already told me and unfortunately had 15 years of invasive and non invasive surgeries to find out why and apart from aforementioned probs nothing found. Some of my meds dont help which is why i keep trying not to take them. But being referred again as been anaemic for 6mths now as result.

Sorry about awful subject but sometimes this can bring me down more than aa lot of things.




we are all here to help each other which makes this place

so wonderfull dont worry about talking about anything I think

we all have differnt problems have also had haemmorhoids

Keep your chin up Kialaya

Hope and pray your pain eases & everyone else in high pains

Gentle soothing Hugs to all



Kialaya please don't worry about sharing , I know it's scary when it happens and downright depressing . I feel the same and I'm totally fed up with being poked and prodded there .

When doc came out the other day I almost went through the ceiling when she tried to examine me ( she kept telling me to relax , yeah right ! )

I keep being told to eat healthily, but with an irritable bowel it's just not that easy . I've had the same problems as you for years with no cause found so you're not alone.

Hope you have a restful day and that the pain eases for you soon.




oh dear bless you i do hope you manage to go to your neighbours and watch the grand national with her i hope you win too lol take care love diddle x


Not a nice problem Kialaya, could you ring up the appointments clerk and see if you could be given a cancellation if one becomes available? Have had similar problems but not the fissure and its very uncomfortable.

Hope you have a pain free weekend, love Angela xx


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