What a day

Well I had the best one ever took daughters cat to have her teeth cleaned as daughter as work, was carrying cat in her basket into her house and tripped over the big weather shield on the bottom of the doorframe, basket in one hand door handle inthe other nothing lef to break my fall so it was let go of everything and hope but not fast enough so I landed face first on the floor, I felt my nose hit the floor it didn't break thank god but now my hip is killing think I must have wrenched it abit and my shoulders flailing up as well just typin on my blackberry is hurting it what fun I am in for.

I am kind of glad grandson is going home tomorrow as I don't think I could cope with him another day he's been clinging to me all day even wanted to come into bathroom with me when I went to spend a penny.

Tomorrow its my followup concerning my sist oh what fun well am off to bed hopeing to get some sleep so nite nite all. Sithy.

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  • Oh hell not nice hope you don't suffer to much from it sleep well xxx

  • I think keeping nice and warm and getting an early night sounds like a good idea. Can your OH rub some cream or lotion into the bits that are bruised as it might help a bit if you have increased blood flow there.

    Good luck with the cyst tomorrow.

    Julie xx

  • What a horrid thing to happen. Hope you don't suffer too much. Sleep well. Jane x

  • Ouch! Hope the after effects don't last too long, good luck with the follow-up xx

  • I know how you felt. I have days like that. And what makes it worse is we normally get injured trying to help others rather than ourselves. I lost my balance a few weeks ago, reached for the toilet door handle and totally missed. I ended up hittong my lower arm so hard on the edge of the handle it left the actual imprint of it in my arm. By the time it finished bruising the bruise measured 4 inches in depth and went right around my forearm. And blimey it hurt. The bruising has faded just but it is still quite painful to touch. Ten years ago I was bringing and old chair down for hubby, trying to help him with his big clear out. I lost my balance, went over on my left ankle and heard the bones in my foot snap, ewwwww. Spent 6 weeks in plaster. After the plaster came off I was in his pigeon loft with him, and I am a bare foot kind of girl. The loft was brand new so no bird poop in there to stand in as no birds in there then. I stepped forward to pass him somthing and felt something sharp on the bottom of my left foot. When I ifted my foot up for him to see there was a 2inch screw sticking an inch out of my foot. I told him just to yank it out lol, and he did. Jeez Louise I near went through the rafters at a rate of knots. But I really do hope you recover from your accident soon. I know how it feels xxxxx

  • Thanks guys I can at least say I have nose bruise on my no oops wrong way round lol .

  • But, hows the cat?

  • The cat is fine sorry I forgot to .mention her .

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