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A good day at last!

This morning I woke with a crick in my neck [not a bad one, it soon went] and stiff ish hands, but my husband and I were able which is great and about time too!

My hips and back seem to have given me a break, yes they are still there and let me know it, but the pain is at a 2. Sorry if I am making anyone feel jealous, I understand that feeling and wish you well soon. Its been a year and in that time there have been so few times I could say I was at a 2 and I don't expect it to last all day, but I am hoping. Won't cross fingers or they will ache.

We are going shopping for some kitchen lights, wallpaper and paint as my kitchen needs a face lift. I am hoping to make it look great for as little as possible as I am still hoping to get my husband to agree to move this year. Take the weight off the mortgage situation. [Should pay that today, but will leave until Monday].

The sun has gone but the sky is bright, so I will be back later. I will try and be careful not to set anything off whilst I enjoy the day! Such a difference to yesterday when I was feeling so low and tearful.

Take care and a good day wished for you all.

Soft hugs

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oh sarah jane glad u are having a gd day. me too, dosent it make you feel gd.dont over do things, sure i will. what we like. enjoy shopping sounds fun. youll have to tell us your colour scheme and tips need inspiration. funny how spending a couple of wks looking at four walls, make u want a change. have a fab day lou x


MOrning sarah jane,

I am pleased you are having a good day after the c**p days you have had. :)

Long may it last.

Have a nice day hun.

kel xxx


hope your good day is an extended one, Sara-Jane x so nice to report good news for a change, isn't it.


hi good luck with the sjopping i love picking all those sorts of things it lovely will make you feel better too when its done i just had mine all done kitchemn/dining room/lounge/my bedroom/hall/stairs/landing/downstairs loo it really gave me a boost my parentds and sister done it all for me it was lovely looks like a little show house now love to you diddle x


Well its just gone 6pm and so far so good. I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to wish me well, and yes I have been sensible but its so nice to feel almost normal! I still used my wheelchair as getting around shops is normally impossible without it and leaving it behind was too much of a risk. As I said I was at a 2 not a 0. I allowed myself to be pushed into B&Q then pushed myself [easy on their floors after ramp in].

Hubby went and got the trolly after I pointed out what we were shopping for! What a wally he can be. Anyway he came back with it and I checked whether we would need any more paint. No, we have plenty of white gloss. Checked out the wallpaper - not too bad a selection actually. Really disappointed with Homebase - they have gone so upmarket I can't afford any of theirs! Selection not good either.

Anyway, we finally chose a cream wall paper with a small design on it, Super Fresco 'Seasons' and went on to see the lighting. We have two ceiling spot lights with 4 grouped on each = poor spread of light! So I wanted 2 sets of 4 on poles. Its buy one get one half price and my plan was to make the kitchen lovely but not too expensive [remember I want to move] Anyway hubby decides he likes the ones I had liked with the cream retro look, but they are pricier than I wanted. [Called Edge Retro Bar Spotlight or something like that] Oh well, never mind. We have foreign students coming tomorrow and they will help pay for this and oh yes the lawn mower we saw!

Now thats another tale and I have to tell. My husband only just managed to cut the lawn yesterday as the side has rusted away, the front kept caving in as there was little to hold the motor in place and he kept leaving bits of metal all over the lawn! [Its very old]. Any ideas on what to do with a decent engine but a useless lawnmower?

O, o? Hope this isn't too long. Sorry. ;) Anyway, long story short, I was careful about not pushing for too long, walking too long or too hard and am currently sitting down. I will cook a bit later, but its not a difficult meal and although the day turned out cold, I managed to fit in a visit to my mother and mother-in-law too!

Now I am going to sort out my digital tv before the changeover. Hope you have all done yours? I am opting to have my bedroom one done as there are times when I cannot move from bed or need to watch to fall asleep - the news is good for that!

Sweet dreams everyone and I wish you all less pain by at least 3. Soft hugs.


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