What a day!

Need to get this off my chest as the stress has made my fibro flare up like you wouldn't believe! I had an appointment to have a cardiac stress test ( with a rest test done in a few days) when I made the appointment I was hoping they would say it would be done in Brighton ( where I live) but no, it was to be done in haywards Heath at 9.30 so I get up this morning at the crack of dawn got ready, nothing to eat and a few sips of water, got the two busses I needed to get (I don't drive) and 2 hours later I was there with 10 mins to spare but very achy. I gave the nurse the appointment letter and she said "no this appointment is for Brighton we don't do stress tests today" !!!!!!!!!!! I pointed out the lady I spoke to on the phone definitely said the princess royal that's why I wrote it down! Came back home to make another appointment meaning I will have to use more annual leave from work! I feel totally drained and ache like you wouldn't believe - got to get up at 5.30 for work in the morning ( woe is me) thank you for listening I feel better for getting it off my chest.

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  • Hi Gilford! :)

    Wow! I am glad you were able to express your frustration!

    I would also be very frustrated in your shoes today.

    We had a thread started earlier today about some of the obstructions to health care and had touched upon poor communication and/or misinformation. You have to trust the person telling you the location of your appointment truly knows the location. :O

    Sorry you had to go through this today.

    Tomorrow is a new day, thankfully! :)

    Sleep in peace.


  • Thanks crazy horse I just hope the pains have eased by the morning as I'm on a 9 hour shift! You are right the misinformation can really cause a lot of harm as I found out today!

  • I'd say, complain AND ask for a refund of your train far AND the loss of wages! I think it's a disgrace the way you were treated!

  • This is all down to a lack of communication, I have learned through a similar experience to question everything, you don't know if your coming or going with appointments, mine often get cancelled the day before, sometimes on the day. I hope all this gets resolved for you soon. Lou xx

  • I am so sorry to hear you have had such a frustrating day I can imagine how you felt after having to get up so early and miss a day at work and with having to do without food as well, I have had experiences like this and I always ask for an appointment to be put into writing for me now. I hope that you get a new appointment soon and have good results from it.x

  • How frustrating! I hope you sleep well and do okay at work tomorrow.

  • I am so sorry to read that and I genuinely hope that tomorrow is a better day for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Gilford,

    You should be allowed to take health appointments without taking annual leave. Have a word with your hr. X

  • {{{{{{{ gilford }}}}}}

    Soft comforting fluffies to help you relax and wind down and a cuppa too with your fave biccies.

    I am not surprised that it stressed you out, the energy that we use for these things is so precious.

    Take care and hope it goes right for you next time :)

    xxx sian :)

  • Thank you for your support guys! I won't be caught out like that again! Lol x

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