what a fab day ?

hay what a fab day the sun is shining and the dinner is on :)

my son and grandaughter and best freind coming for dinner :)

so the smile is on

pain i will smile

the swelling i will smile :)

whanting to go to sleep i will smile :)

today i will smile tomorow i will siy

and tomorow i will cry :(

but today i will smile :)

and i hope you will smile to :) as when you smile you are half way to saying


hay it does not always work but just for a few hours just maybe it will today

soft hugs to you all from me and i hope you all have a fab day just like me

have a fab day kath xx

5 Replies

  • love it ,you are clever i wish i could write things like that :)

    so true aswell ,my smile has gone ,im allone and and resting but the smile will be back later xxx

  • just try today smile for me and once you have got your smile back :)

    i will stay with you for the rest of the day and when you get up in the morning smile for me and i will smile for you and then we will both be smiling and mybe we can get all the others smiling for the day

    soft hugs hunny from my to you and an extea big hug from me as you are alone if you ever wish to talk you can ither skype me or i will give you my phone number soft hugs kath xx

  • Im smiling!! :)

  • Kath absolutley billiant, thankyo!!

    Sue x x x x

  • Reminds me of that song "Smile when your heart is breaking" Kath. We may as well smile through the fibro cos not many people want to be with miserable people do they. Take care, Love Angela xx

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