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nightmare in A&E

I have had the most terrible day.

I woke up about 1ish am monday morning with the most agonising pain, sweating feeling sick. The pain was so bad I had to call a dr who promptly sent an ambulance and I have only just got back home it is now 8.30 pm.

They checked my heart and lungs etc had xrays ecg bloods. After all that they said it is properbly my fibromyalga.

I was in A&E for 12 hrs before they gave me any painkillers I have been in agony all day. I was in my PJ's of course and at the end of it all they said you will be fine off you go home. In my PJ's. I couldnt afford a taxi so was going to catch the 2 buses home bare in mind my PJ's lol. I went to the cash machine at the hospital but it was broke the next nearest one was at a supermarket about a 20 min walk away all this to draw out what money I had for the bus fare and all the cash machines were out of money. Well I just cried. My mobile was just about out of battery too. I had an old friends number in my phone so sent her a text asking if she would pick me up and then had to wait and hope I had her right number and that she could pick me up as my battery failed after sending the text. And it was throwing it down with rain.

Thankfully my friend got the message and 30 mins later she picked me up. I am so tired had no sleep and in such pain.

Well sorry about the moan so pleased Maddie isnt here.

sorry for the rant just had to get it off my chest.

I didn't think the pain I was in could be my fibromyalga but mabe I am wrong. I need sleep but am dreading going to bed

Sorry and thanks for reading xxxx

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Oh poor you, what a night/day, you did the right thing getting checked out (even tough it was a nightmare). I would also be inclined to still seek medical advice if you have another episode of this pain and are not convinced it is Fibro pain, (you are the only person, whom truly knows your own body)

Hope you are able to get some rest tonight. Lou x


Blimey, poor you! What a rotten time you had. Unbelieveable.

Fancy leaving you 12 hrs without pain relief and couldn't they have rung you a cab to get home in your pj's?!

That is so disgusting leaving you like that. Did you ask if they would ring someone for you or get you a cab? I'm gobsmacked. Hope you will feel better very soon and maybe you can talk to your doctor tomorrow about the pain. Don't blame you for dreading going to sleep.

Don't be sorry, what a rotten day!

Big hugs, xxx


Poor you, besides the pain you have been in your day sounds horrendous. I too would have thought that the hospital would have offered you transport to get home especially as you were in your PJ's. On a lighter note, next time you have to go to hospital in an ambulance ask them to wait while you pack a bag of clothes to travel home in lol!! I once had a similar situation with an elderly relative of mine who had fallen and they cut his clothes off him at the hospital. They were talking about discharging him and said he could use one of their hospital gowns to go home in. Picture the scene - they dont even cover your modesty so he probably would have ended up in a police car charged with indecency!!. He had a head injury so I walked out of the hospital and left him there as I knew he wasn't fit to be going home, turns out he had broken his cheekbone and had other injuries and they kept him in for a week.

Hope you can get a good night sleep tonight and you feel much better in the morning. Take care, Love Angela x


aww bless u,i wudda been shitin it,uv been thro a rite ordeal,ope u manage t sleep.dnt be scared lv u`ll b ok xx


oh you poor thing how awful for you cant believe they didnt even let you make a phone call from the hospital and let you go home alone i would complain about tha hope you had good night sleep an d feel better today love to you diddle x


Ohh fairylady, that is terrible what you have been through.

So pleased your friend came and picked you up.

I hope you are feeling better today hun.

You rest and take care of your self.

Sending a big gentl hug.

kel xxxxx


Oh dear bless you, i hope your pain eases very soon. I would be tempted to send a letter to the powers that be, yes i guess your not feeling up to it now but hopefully some day soon you will feel this way. Its disgusting treating people this way, sending you some gentle hugs xxx


Fairylady..first off..I'm SOOO very sorry for you experience and pain caused not only your physical pain..but also the mental pain. Actually, I'm a little disgusted at who you have been treated! Where I live, if you're in for more than 4 hours.. they have to admit you! ( or am I thinking of evening times only?? Hmm?) Didn't you have anyone to go to hospital with you? Please son't let the anxiety of the whole matter/day/experience get to you..this will only make you worse...go have a warm bath ( not too hot baths..then bed actually make the muscles settle like concrete.) ( baths are best in the mornings)..have a glass of hot milk ( wonderful soothing food and sleep aid)..and TRY to relax. just know, that we are all here for you....bless your dear heart. I dearly hope you start to feel both a little better and a little less anxious. God bless, sweetheart. *gentle and loving hugs* <3


*ahem*..sorry for the typo's...hands hurting like hell right now..meant to say.. *how they have treated you*.... D*oh! lol xxx


Thats terrible that they left you get home like that by yourself. When ever Ive been to A&E (not with the fibro) theyve always checked how Im getting home and Ive seen people sitting waiting for a lift home too. At least they were thorough and made sure it wasnt anything else.


I'd also like to add, fairylady, that if I were that anger..and write a letter to the hospital manager..and explain that if they are to discharge you in your Pj's ( thanks God it wasn't a nighty) then at least they should have more money machines..and have them in good working order..also..normal, old fashioned telephone you could at least make a call for help! I'm utterly disgusted at what you've told me..I could almost make that call myself. *fume*....*shakes head*...*sighs*....*hugs* :((


Hello everyone,

Thank you all so much for your comments, it means alot to me.

If I feel upto it later I will def write a letter of complaint to the hospital manager.

I didn't sleep great last nite but then I never do but still better after sunday night. I am ot convinced the pain was anything to do with my fb, but glad that they ruled out more serious things. I had a nice bath this morning and tho feeling extremly fatiged being back on all my meds and painkillers the pain is just about bareable today. I still can't believe how I was treated but it is over with I am home now, and thankfully My daughter is away this week so I only have to look after myself and not try and entertain her. . I am just going to try and relax today hard going as I want to do everything lol. But I am so lucky that I joined this group and I have had fantastic support from you all and I really do apreciate it.

I will let you know if I get a responce from the hospital.

thank you again

gentle hugs to you all xxxx Penny


hi fairylady,

I am glad u feeling better after that horrible ordeal ,hope u had a relaxing day and hopefully a lot better ,hope u get the chance to write a letter to hospital ,about the way u was treateted,

take care and hope u get a responce

hugs and kisses


OMG, You poor poor thing i feel so bad for you what an experience, how bad could it get..... and it did.

I'm so sorry this happend to you, a great big hug from me to you. xxxxxx


Thank you tinkerbell and inspireme for your comments, It has put me off going into hospital again tho hopefully this wont happen again.

I am more relaxed now tho still very exhausted still

hugs to you 2 aswell xxx


Glad your feeling better today Fairylady.


thank you Ermintrude xx


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