Severe pain and discharged from hospital told to manage the pain

Hi all sorry I haven't posted for a while since a week past Weds I have had a horrible time I was first rushed into a&e after haemorrhaging from my lower region and being in severe pain sat in a&e for 12 hrs and told that minimum time I would be in would be 24 hours they removed my mirena coil and said if my scan shows any fluid still un my pelvic cavity that I would need an operation to remove the fluid. My scan showed that I had a large cyst that was still showing signs of bleeding on one ovary and another smaller cyst on the other one. Sonograher told me that there was also a large amount of fluid in my pelvic cavity. I was taken back to the ward and seen by the consultant an you later he said exactly what the sonographger had seen in the scan then said i will discharge you and rescan you in 3 months I was totally shocked I had just received morphine and bearing in mind the other consultant in the morning at casualty said I would be operated on if any fluid. I was then discharged still bleeding really bad till the sunday with the pain horrendous but thought what is the point as not going to do anything if go back up. On the Monday morning I had my appointment with the assessor for my P.I.P at another hospital I managed to pull my self to the appointment she could clearly see I wasn't well and asked me to go to the drop in doc downstairs in that hospital I did this and was rushed back into hospital by ambulance as the pain was now that severe I fell unconscious twice with the paramedics I was kept in casualty for 9hrs only to be told nothing they can do I just need to manage the pain and discharged me at midnight not even asking me how I would get home needed to order a taxi which cost me £24. My GP has been excellent checking on me daily to check my pain it is still really bad but not as severe but he said I should be in hospital but twice before just been discharged as no beds think its appalling Scarborough hospital has went right down and have told my GP if I do need to go back in would prefer to be transferred to York instead as the patient care at Scarborough is totally unacceptable when I feel up to it I will be putting in a formal complaint

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  • Sorry to hear you've been going through such a rough time of it lately. You treatment was appalling and I truly feel for you. Glad your gp has been good to you at least, you would think that if hospitals want less in bed patients they would at least prescribe something for the pain and discuss a self care plan for you to follow once at home. Hope you feel better soon

  • Sorry you have been through such an appalling time, it is too exhausting to deal with this attitude when you are suffering so much. I really hope you are improving at home, all the best

  • Hi WEEme

    I am so sorry to read your post and how you have suffered this way. I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

    I want to wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Not surprised, 20 years ago in same hospital my mother was told she had a severe ear infection and sent home, 9 months of not being able to move at all without severe sickness and no balance at all and 4 admissions to hospital later she was finally x-rayed and scanned, she had lung cancer which had spread to her brain stem and was instantly a terminal diagnosis, my mother had been a heavy smoker who worked in pubs her whole life, when I tried to sue them for their negligence I was told that they need to be actually negligent AND it must change the outcome for the patient, brain stem tumours are pretty much terminal 100% of the time, no treatment works, so the hospital said (put simply) "yeah we f*cked up, but she would have died anyway, so screw you" and there was nothing I could do, I was one month short of 18 when she died, and i've never been to a hospital as bad as that one in the twenty years since then (and I've been in a lot of hospitals myself since then, one I would recommend trying is james cook in middlesbrough if you have that option, they are brilliant there)

    Best of luck and I hope you get your issues sorted quickly, you deserve the best of care no matter where you are.


  • Thanks all for your support still in a lot of pain but not as severe as during week got gp in morning so fingers crossed I get something sorted

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