Trip led to A&E

Feeling low today and in terrible pain. Tripped on an uneven pavement in town yesterday afternoon and ended up in hospital. I couldn't,t bend my legs at all so went flying forwards to meet the ground taking the impact on my right (arthritic) knee then my thighs, chest and arms just missing my face as my arms shielded it. Shock set in as did attack of trigeminal neuralgia so head and face felt like burning. Ambulance took me to Hosp. Nothing broken(thank god) severe soft tissue damage poss. Discharged with crutches. See doc tmrw for MRI. Not able to work for a bit now. Soz just having a moan.

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  • Oh dear 😟. Thank goodness you didn't break anything though, hope you feel a little better soon, the pavements in town are terrible you have to be so careful, maybe cause for a claim? 👍

  • Md55

    Thanks Arymretep. I,m cross with myself for feeling sorry for myself! I try to keep positive about my fibro and other medical conditions and wasn't prepared for this setback. Not sure I,ve got the energy for a claim. Live in Truro and pavements are a nightmare here.

  • I hope you recover soon xx

  • Thanks for that.x

  • Sorry you were hurt so when you tripped and fell ... and hope you recover quickly! It is good that you protected your face from bruises ~ and maybe worse! Sending gentle hugs your way to help you feel better soon ...

  • Thanks. Wear specs so could have been worse. Still on we go!x

  • Likewise, big gentle hugs from here. That sound awful (says he who fell off his bike in much the same way)

  • Thanks. Gosh, bad enough falling over ground never mind a bike. Ouch! X

  • Hope you get better soon,remindes me of when I fell my full length but I got my face lovely bug black n blue chin, and I was on my holidays too lol.

    Keep smiling gentle hugs

    GC granniecrochet

  • Thanks. Am doing my best to keep smiling. Just feel sorry to be putting more chores onto hubs. Guests arriving Thurs so bad timing. Typical. Hope you still managed to enjoy your holds.

  • Seems to be a lot of it about. . . .

  • ***HUGS **** feel better soon!

  • Thanks.

  • What rotten luck do hope you feel better soon - :)


  • Thanks. Knee staring to turn a weird green colour! Handsome bruise.:-) x

  • hope all goes well with Mir

    Take care xxx

  • {{{{Gentle hug }}}}

    Hope you repair a bit each day . . .

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