i sat here earlier and noticed an e mail i sent to my pharmacy on monday orderin my medication and realised it would be ready today duh (fibro fog) so got in the car and drove to pharmacy whch is in my doctors surgery i walked in and the girl said hi jill will bw with you in a min, i tyhought thats nice how friendly they actually know me bless

take a seat for a min she said so i did as wobbly legs were playing up ha ha as i sat here i watched others go up and collect their bags nd put them in their pockets or handbags

then the pharmacist called my name i stood up walked to the desk only to be handed 2 carrier bags of meds YES 2 carrier bags i thought no wonder she knew who i was she probably very rarely has such a huge order i know earlier i put a lblo saying i as going to asda later today buti didnt really think i would need a shopping trolley to push my meds to the car

still i suppose i should worry when they tell me they will dliver my meds and a skip comes to the door love to you diddle x

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  • Dear diddle I can always depend on you to brighten my day and make me laugh. Have you not got any carrot cake! or have you started on something else?: Lots of hugs squidley

  • just eaten last piece need to go get something else love diddlex

  • thats so funny diddle.... u make me smile xx

  • glad i brighten your day that good love diddle x

  • Ha ha diddle .... worry when they use an 18 ton truck to deliver your meds :) !


  • mmmyeah thats true lol love diddle x

  • yeah regularly get my meds by the carrier bag load - pharmacy staff see me coming and stick it on the counter ready - dont even have to ask any more lol. I made rice krispie marshmallow cakes with my carers daughter the other day. can heartily recommend them for a little bit of naughtiness

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