Asked checkout person not to put to much in my bags

She started to fill bags , i said please dont put to much in them becase of weight. ill let you pack them your self, and looked at me strangly , cause i was not quick anough she still put to much in some of the bags. i did not say any thing ,i wished i had and put her stright . how would you handle this situation to all fibro friends

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  • Hi sorry to hear about this ,I am a checkout operator and I know why u asked when I have cousomer ask not to make the bags to heavy I try to do my best not to , as I know we fibro mates can't lift any thing heavy but everybody s too heavy is different. But you should of reported her as telling you to do it yourself would not be good customer servis , I have had a little wile ago alleged customer complaints made about me from not looking happy , forgetting bag points ,not offering to helpe pack ,and saying good morning and smiling . The company expect us to do all of the these things and scan so many things a minuet and they tell you if you are performing well or not . I my self go at the customers pace and if they want there bags packed I all always ask them to feel the Hevyness of the bags and will try to put it right . Cherokee x

  • Hello Cherokee,

    I wonder if you wouldn't mind reading my comment as I have included a question for you as you work as a checkout operator.

    Many Thanks

    Emma :)

  • i was a checkout person for about year six year ago

  • Tell her that if bags are not even you will be severe pain due to your condition, and thank you for your kind offer of help but you know how mush will be right for you :)

  • thanks for your reply

  • I would write a polite letter to the manager. Checkout operators are under pressure to pack quickly etc. but the management need to realize some people do need more time and help. There are usually a few staff not on tills and suggest one of these could pack for a person not able to cope. It is all a matter of managers recognising this need-unfortunately big business is less and less concerned - it's all about money!! Most till operators are helpful though, sorry you had this bad experience.

  • that sounds a good idea, may be i should write, the hardest thing about this, i look very well i think she was surprised i asked for help, not sure how to handle these situations when they arise, all comments welcome

  • I would have reported her to her supervisor. I used to work on checkout and we always had to offer to pack bags. Being rude to you is not an option. Also always look at the name of the person who served you and what number checkout they're at. That's why staff have name badges in case you need to complain (or praise of course). There's usually someone hovering around.

  • that's the one thing i did not do , take a name, because i was taken back, she was surprised i asked for help because i look well, any ideas how i could handle this situation in the future.

  • Personally I have never had a problem at a well-known northern supermarket. Most checkout operators are really sensitive to my needs. Sometimes I only have a carrier-bag worth and it ends up in 3-4!lol. If the checkout operator goes too fast they recognise it and slow down:-) I find it is the other customers behind me that get annoyed and give me dirty looks. You do get some workers in supermarkets that have had a very bad or very long day and they just want to go home. I think you may have had one of those! Hugs x

  • i think you are right it was manic in there, gentle hugs

  • i no what you mean,they must think we all have cars, & don't think about us who dont.i would ask for more bags & re pack im sure they don't listen x as for her being rude to you i would report her this is not on! she's not the one who has to carry them x

  • no knead for rudeness, i agree its something to do with this time of year, many thanks for your reply

  • If you are not having a good day, this is the last thing you need. I don't think you did anything wrong, but maybe if this happens again, turn it around by saying something like - no thank you, I would like you to help me by filling the bags, but they must be balanced or I will have to stay here until they are - but then again I would really have to be in the mood to take her on! So I think I would probably have done the same as you anyway, just seethed. How about saying something like 'maybe you could call for someone else to help me then?' she might think twice or do just that!

    I always thank the people behind me for waiting and if I have been ages, repeat it and apologise. I usually find they suddenly become very helpful and friendly. Those that don't are not worth the trouble!

  • ive had a good five days with mood for a change ,pain never goes away, i love your reply , it made me laugh thank you for that , how do you get past when you look well , and they look surprised at you when you ask for help, what sort of responses could i have ready for when this happens to me again, , i am sure it will , and if i am good id love to be ready once again thanks for making me smile

  • Hello Bourne,

    I would have maybe said very nicely & calmly 'It is very kind you are helping me pack my bags .I do appreciate it and I am sorry that I seem to be troubling you. I suffer terribly with pain and when I need to unload these bags it causes me great discomfort. I have to think about how I can achieve everyday tasks that others do without thinking. I would appreciate your understanding'

    If she seemed really unapproachable I would have mentioned it to her manager and I expect helping people with disabilities would then be discussed in their meetings.

    I wonder Cherokee68 , do they discuss helping people with disabilities in your training out of interest? I would assume they do mention this to employees.

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • i used to work for a well known supermarket and a mamber of staff would go around with disabilites and help them with all aspects of there shopping including packing bags and helping to put bags in boots or taxis.

    unfortunatly it didnt include carrying them home for you


  • i am slowly starting to understand this knowing my limitations , it was my first time asking for help at a very busy time of year , i look well so i think she was surprised i asked. and i was taken back and did not no how to handle the comments , i know i am going to have this happen to me again. i would like to be ready and armed for next time , can you help with any idea

  • Hi I work for a well known company , and have done for 10 years in this time we have been told to ask if someone would like help packing,meany don't but there are a few who do and I always think about how much I put in a bag when packing, but I have never had training on bag packing or serving people with disabilety s . If someone needs help to the car ,or help to do there shopping they just have to ask and I can get someone to help. do my best to help anyone with the bag packing and don't rush them as I am in pain to and know what it's like . Fibro is something company's don't seam to understand as my last week I had the 4 days I work off sick with a really bad head and neck pain dew to a lot of stress the 3days before . When I went back to work I got verbal warning as I was over my percentage of absents as a couple of months ago I was off dew to stress and feeling down my manager said that because she thought that because she had talked to me last time I was off and said I could always talk to her and was told to tell when things was hard and that she would do her best to support me that everything was ok , but I never have had the chance to say when I was feeling unwell it's a quick hello and get on a till . And she could not understand why I felt the need to have the 4 days off dew to a bad head and neck and shoulder pain, I said it was because of stress and she then asked what the the stress was about and I told her ,problems with my 27 year old son with learning disabilitys , 27 year old daughter got car problems and got stroppy and decided to phone in sick rather than be late when she get a tantrum it makes me stress and she works for the same company as I do just a different department the same day because she could not get my youngest sons car off the drive she Copt and dumps it ,and when I went to take my son on a driving lesson to his work and she dumped it he had trouble getting it off the drive and hit a bit of wood witch was on the drive and got a puntcher he decided to phone in sick rather than be late I tried to get them to get a taxi each to work but no they would not so I had to sort both cars out my husband the night before had sorted a garage out to sort the break cilenders out on my daughters car , and I got my oldest son to help change the tyre so I could get a new one .

    I tried to explain that stress makes my pains worse than they are already but she dose not understand so fibro is something they don't recon is as a disability . The younger cashiers will go fast and don't think about weight in a bag if they even pack for people so there is no understanding of disabilitys you can't always see and fibro is one of them the whole company it seams as they don't understand it's not going to go away and I will probley need time off again because of stress and fibro .

    Have you got any suggestion apart from giving up work as we need the money I would like to but can't and don't think my fibro is as bad as some on the site and if they can't get ESA I probley won't thank you Cherokee .

  • as I use the shop scooter, they normally ask about packing. I ask them not to put too much in because I can't lift them.Many actually in morrisons leave their seat, come round and put he bags in the scooter basket for me. They also put so much in and ask me to try it for weight.

    most supermarkets will also come out to your car or taxi, load your shopping and take the scooter or trolley back. just ask at customer services.

  • because they can see the scooter they know you need help , i look well and asked for help ,how do you get round this one take care

  • Hi there bourne everyone seems to have said everything but I feel that I must say that it doesn't matter what time of year it is politeness and manners cost nothing :)

    I worked in the customer service industry most of my working life and if I'd spoken to any customer, client or guest like that I would have been reprimanded, disabilities aside it is not deemed good customer service to act in such a manner towards anyone.

    I think we've all experienced it too at one point or another and looking well is often the reason too. I used to ask and state that it was because I had health issues which meant I couldn't carry heavy bags. The other method was to pack them myself at my own pace and I would tut back at anyone who tutted too :D

    Christmas fluffie teddy bear whooshing to you now to comfort you

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi Zeb. I have done the "tutting" thing too. It is extremely satifying! :-)

  • It is isn't it :D xx

  • For this and other reasons I prefer to pack my own - and simply say so. There are lots of legitimate reasons for this. Fibro's only one. The way your house is arranged is another. I use a bike so have to pack for the panniers, not to chuck everything in a car! Packing looks random and illogical if people don't twig the helmet means bike and need thoughtful packing. I prefer to use the self service option if there is one. it saves a lot of looks and awkwardness, you can take your own sweet time and the queues are usually better.

    Checkout operators are people, too, and usually ok. Also usually under stress of work and rude customers and can be short at times, like me. They have my sympathy. With time in short supply they can't always empathise

  • Oh, and I don't suppose you're in a position to choose the time you shop? I manage to get there during the school run, for instance but that doesn't work for everyone, or even me the whole time.

  • I hate packing too and have mini panics when the stuff appears in front of me too fast to put in my bags. I still can't get a hang of the self serve machines though - have you noticed that if you go TOO slow, they through wobblies at you? I keep trying, and each time the operator has to come to me ! :-)

  • Yeah, I usually end up getting the operator, too. They seem more patient though. The machine throws wobblies at the slightest thing but there's rarely anyone watching or waiting directly behind me. And the machine is slow accepting coins, coupons etc. I hate the "do you wish to continue" message if you're too slow so my favourite button is the one that turns off the sound!

  • AH! So you can turn off the sound?! I'll look out for that next time Thanx :-)

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