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Earlier today i put on my story about my pacemaker op, i have been recieving a lot of flowers, and today i went down stairs, my husband said to me "theres flowers there from judy" i thought how lovely she only sent me some last week as i had been in hospital for another operation, i went back up to bed for some more sleep, on coming down yet again i commented to my husband on how thoughtfull judy was, by the way she is my new neighbour, to my husbands horror he shot up and said they are not yours, i had arranged them quite well with one hand, thet looked lovely on my coffee table, oh my god, we had to get all the interflora box, wrappings, the lot out, i thankfully got them to look normal, they had delivered to our house as she was out, my husband took them round to her house, we are going for dinner next weekend, i do hope after a few Drambuie`s the story doesnt come out, hows that for a fibro mentally ill women post general anaesthetic ..

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  • Haha, that made me chuckle.


    kel xxx

  • oh that made me giggle lol, u must be gd flower arranger if she didnt notice lol

  • just put them back together tied them up, put them in the box, i do like doing flowers, so yes thankfully looked good x

  • Lol, good one made me chuckle. xx

  • lol how funny is that so now you are a florist , lol love to you diddle x

  • Better tell her though, in case she complained to the florist! Only kidding. I think she would find it really funny, but you never know. Hope you are felling better. Don't do any reaching though. My friend undid one of his pacemaker 'fish hooks' that way. He's doing great now though. You've had a rough time by the sound of it so like that you have still got your sense of humour. That's a very good sign. Happy flower arranging! x

  • Haha thats a good one x

  • You are an inspiration, to keep your humour despite so much to deal with, bless you ! I hope you make a fast recovery from your op, take care xx

  • :-) This place is great, if we can manage to get a laugh out of life it all helps.

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