Sunday ! should i go to church and pray for a miracle??????

Well it is sunday so should i get on my sunday best and nip down to the local church and pray for this pain to go away?????? dont think it would work but you never know. Well usual night wont bore you all with the details suffice to say struggled up this morning with painful limbs and hardly able to walk all stiff for some reason? tried to walk dog but only got to end of path and turned back (dog was happy with that and promptly ploopped himselfback in his basket and is sound asleep) not had any meds yet but will do in about hour try noyt to take them before 8 and then spread through til bout 8 tonight, dont know why? oh well my eldest daughter has invited me for a roast but think i will decline my youngest would drive me there she lives at home but just cant be sitting in a car for long today she lives 30 min drive away, which is not long you may think but it is today!!!!!!!!1 so looks like a day in for me my partner is playing golf this morning and watching rugby this afternoon so he is ok doing his own thing he will prob pop and see me in between the two for a cup of tea i was going to say cuddle but not today thankyou (much as i would love one) Its just not fair is it? one lady suggested you give your partner a cuddle then you know how hard you can hug so may try that. Well all i can say is thank god my kids are living away from home or the one that is here is old enough to do her own meals and other stuff i dont know how i would cope some days if i had little ones to feed/bath/cloth /get to school and after school activities clubs etc so hats off to you fibro sufferes who do that> well now going to sit on soft chair for bit with cup of tea and perhapsget down on my knees and pray for us all do you think it would work ???? love and soft hugs to you all Diddle xxxx

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  • LO i dont go to church i do believe in something but i do it my way, so i would pray at home and yes i would have def prayed for all the fibro sufferes everywhere, I not really a big eater so i would not have had much any way but yes would see my daughter, but pro seeing her mon/tue anyway, yeah too many choices, oh well its only 8 in morning so see how i feel in couple hours you never know with this! may jog around the streets in a bit (but more likely to be curled up on a chair or on bed ) ha ha . now attempting to have another cup of tea and hopefully wont spill this one lol (see other blog!!!) love and soft hugs to you all Diddle xxx

  • Daft question maybe Diddle but when you curl up in a chair or bed, how the heck do you get uncurled again :) I lay there and then I'm stuck lol. xx

  • lol i dont literally curl up its just a saying i sit on chair jus to ease your mind or if i did curl i would be stuck !!!! ha ha

  • I'm so glad you put me right didle! lol. Thought you were a lucky girl! :)

  • or diddle even, can't spell either now .......

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