NOT a last resort illness

I visited my doctor today and explained how I was and that I need a letter from her for benefits appeal. I was upset and shaking because havent had usually meds all weekend, and felt ill, but she did state on a sheet that I was limited to 20 metres walking and I found it difficult washing dishes etc and she included some history of my visits. I was surprised to see how many times I had been diagnosed with depression, going back over 20 years or so. But I know my pain is real. I had to wait round for almost an hour before I saw her as well, and I had go out to my car to put another ticket on it, I had to drive had no one to help me today and I know I shouldnt really, but I take it easy. The time I came out of the surgery after blubbering and letting her know how bad I felt, she still passed Fibro off as a last resort thing, I felt annoyed about that, then I got out to the car 15 mins late to find a parking ticket on it. Aargh. sat in car for about 20 mins upset then got home and my head was spinning and I threw up and lay on the bed waking up some 3 hours later. I do feel better now, but I've got a headache and my right wrist is killing me, Im sure its the typing on here, since I found this site, I cant shut up!!

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  • I,m really sorry you had to go through that but unfortunately fibro is treated as a last resort by so many people in life we have to deal with and deffinately the DLA despit my main symptoms being fibro I only get low rate care because of my arthritis my fibro is ignored.. I am due for my review next June and will be downloading the info sheets from this site as I am deffinately getting worse

    Good luck

    VG x

  • hi there, so sorry that you had a bad day, i guess havin this site helps to get things off ur mind?.. when i kept goin to my gp over pain, in my whole body from head to toe, and swollen ankles i to kept geting told from gp that they were unsure what it was, i had to go on sick from work, but i kept goin back every week as i knew there wasnt somthing right, i had blood test's to be told i had gout, then my gp thought i had fibro, i asked to be refered to a rhuemotologist, where they did more blood test and ultra sounds on my hands n feet, they two said i had fibro, also psoratic arthiritus, aswel as gout, was 8months til i actualy found wht i had, stil have good and bad days, i did try for DLA, due to having bad days, n carnt do simple tasks, i got refused, so ive had to give my job up now, but due to not gettin much help ivve had to return to work, but doin nights, as its lighter, also with fibro i dnt sleep, haha, hope ur feelin much better now, but dnt giv up with ur docs xx

  • Hi, nearly everyone gets turned down from DLA at first. You need to appeal, and then take to tribuneral if needed. It is hard I know, but I fought and I won. When I finally got the letter with my award I broke down in tears. It was a huge relief. Please, please try again xx

  • You're right. I took it all the way to tribunal the first time and won my case.

  • Why is it that your GP will diagnose you with fibro but then fob it off because you have something else, I think they ought to go to a fibro meeting and get to grips with this then maybe this horrid condition would not be put to the bottom of the pile, and then they wonder why we all get so frustrated and upset xx

  • Please remember that DLA is not based on a diagnosis, it's based on how much care you need & what your mobility is like - the fact your GP is saying you're limited to 20 metres walking is a good basis for getting HRM.

    I often say that it was the Fibro that caused me to be depressed not the other way round!

  • It is awful when we have days like this and I am glad you felt better after getting some sleep. Unfortunately not all GPs are as understanding as some of the good ones out there. I have a fab GP who in order to help me deal with it printed off all the info sheets for me and I keep them handy incase anything new happens. But mine began 26 years ago, diagnosed 22 years ago and is now classed as chornic as I never have a day free from pain. I get HRM because of my walking but LRC because I self care, but mainly because I am a very private person. We have each other on this site and that has to be a good thing when we feel down and disregarded. ONLY another fibro sufferer has nay idea just what we go through xxxxx

  • may be i should of appealed then? as my son and daughter have to help me when havin a bad day, like help to chours, n my daughter help do my hair etc, i even gave up work, but coz i wasnt able to get any help n bills need payin im having to go back to work, they said because i could walk so far, i wasnt entitled to it, out the week i can have 3 bad days at presant, also with psoratic arthiritus my ankles swel and i have bad joint pain, also in my hands then with the fibro, some days i cud cry....wel if i carnt handle my nxt job, n if i get worse i may fight it all the way..good luck x

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