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i have been a good diddle i have had raw carrots for tea with tomatoe s and mayo i know it is bit odd but thats me i had handful chippy chips for lunch with my grandsons and then a whole carrot cake when i got back (naughty diddle ) and am now having a kiwi and yogurt and going to have a hot bath and sit down with my heat and massage pad x

i have eaten quite well for me today but not alot really but dont feel like eating when you feel down and in pain

hope you all ok and have a nice evening love to you diddle x

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i struggle to eat lately (i really should be a size ten lol ) just cant stomach it at mo ,force myself so i can have my pain meds ,i think i defo am like it cause of the pain you just get fed up and dont have an appetite xxx


yeah i am size 6/8 at min bout 7 half stone but am too thin should try to put it on love diddle x


I wish i couldnt eat, its my weight that makes me most depressed :(

but because i was busy i had a peanut butter n banana sandwich on wholemeal bread for lunch with a bag of skips (healthier than crisps) and some plain chinese noodles for tea with another bag of skips as a snack earlier in the day so i am happy with myself for that as well today. Course could be cos i aint really got any munchies in and too ill to go shop still : )

gentle hugs all round. xx


bless you you wil get there maybe join a club or do it wiyh a mate my sister writesevrythuing down that she eats as she inds this helps with her diet and my mum does tootthey used to go to weight watchers but it was expensive but they ate more than ever on that and lost weight maybe they do it online you coild do it like that love to you diddle x


Carrot cake... Raw carrots...... be careful Diddle you'll turn in to a bunny!! LOL

Night Night xxx


Nice to see you have had a bit of healthy grub today as well as your crap Diddle, very impressive. My excuse for eating an easter egg earlier was that I had a bit of a runaround earlier with the triplets. Well, not actually a run but you know what I mean!


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