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I have been having a "flare up" for last few weeks god knows when it will end i dont know if i am near the beginning of it the middle or the end but i know it is painful and everyday another pain appears today my fingers are all painful. Yesterday i could not open things with my hands lucky for me my daughter was here. It really is beginning to be a dibillitating thing this fibro and i feel sick to the stomach today and dont know why? i want to crawl(literally) into a corner and cry i want to be alone(not an option today) got people coming to do things to my sofa, then meeting my sister for 3 hours but i just feel very vunerable today. Oh well enough of my moaning you all have your own things to worry about you dont need me to bring you all down Hope you all have a lovely day. take care love to all Diddle x

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Diddle I will be there with you in spirit! I'm having a flare up too, and I think it is because of yesterday.

Just know that we are all thinking of you and I'm sending you positive thoughts ok? gentle hugs xx

So sorry to hear that things are so bad...thinking of you. That feeling of wanting to hard to do because once started so difficult to stop...tears of frustration more than anything and the endless uncertainty of when a 'good' day will come along. Take care and hope the day goes well. xx


thankyou all for your posotive thughts and vibes . funny how they can make you feeel better sorry if i brought you all down just writing how i feel . perhaps tommorrow i will be putting woo hoo all pain gone what do you think ??? love to you all diddle xxx

Good Morning diddle,i feel for you, i am also in pain today it would be faster to say what parts of me dont hurt LOL :)

Hope your pain eases off :)



lol bless ya heart or does that hurt too would not surprise me lol i have dys where my heart reallt does hurt it unbelievable i have discovered parts of my body i did not know i had ha ha i am 46 take care today love to you and yours sorry bout grammar bad stupid day !!!!AAAAAARRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! love diddle x

morning diddle.

sorry your in pain today, hope yoou get through the day hun.

kel xxx


diddle take care of yourself , Im one that doesnt have flare ups just feel terriable all of the time, just take a few moment to yourself and try to relax, lots and love and hugs

I'm really sorry Diddle and to all of you experiencing a flare up. I too suffer with this strange affliction, some days I wake up and feel almost as normal and then very quickly am incapacitated. It is a strange and a very much misunderstood affliction especially when a lot of us look quite well and therefore don't get the empathy we deserve. I have been heartened to see that many of you use the techniques that i do like breath awareness, listening and following the body and so forth, it all helps. Sometimes when frustration kicks in I remind myself that this affliction is teaching me to live in the moment and so even if I am just lying there breathing and drifting, that somehow if I allow it, insight of some kind or another comes, even if it's about a story i have forgotten to tell someone which may somehow help them. However, I too have days where i want to be in isolation as all the energy i have needs to be for me so take care and do what feels right for you.,

With empathy and understanding. Lidia

Morning Diddle, we're all in this together and know exactly how you are feeling today, I think the worst feeling is not knowing if tomorrow is going to be any better. If it was a broken leg then we'd have a timeline!!! Argh, it's horrid. I'm pretty new to all this, finding pains everywhere despite high dosage of painkillers, can't plan anything much as don't know what kind of day you're going to have. However, I'm confident that with so many people suffering, research into Fibro will discover more convincing causes and effective treatments very soon....... like all conditions, with time there will be more help, relief and understanding. Sending lots of love and I have asked my guardian angel to come over and help you today. With love from Bikerchick (not much chance of biking at mo though, my lovely mean machine is stuck in the garage :/) <3 xxxx

diddle i just hope you feel better as the day goes on ,, i have been in a flare for months now so i know how bad it can get yesterday it was my hands elbows shoulders today its my ribs back and hips x

told the doctor I felt like hitting my arm with a brick, just to feel a different pain, she was rolling about laughing. Great to have a sense of humour, chin up at least we have stopped long enough to feel our bodies

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