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someone you know who you are asked me on amn earlier blog if the carrot cakes i keep eating are whole cakes or individual ones ?????

well i am not a liar in fact it was trait i hate lies so ..........

i had to confess that they are whole ones but they are oblong shaped not huge and are from poundland so if you have one in your town take alook

but dont worry i do this i have phases of things 2 weeks ago it was microwave popcorn i was getting that from QD eating it all the time now it s carrot cake it could be anything next week apple crumble pringles cheesy shapes mars bar salad cream sandwiche ??? take your pick lol

i doeat weird stuff though i like roast chicken crisps with kit kats i like marmite on toast i dip pringles in sanwich spread i eat tinned tomatoes with brown sauce on toast

and no i am not pregnant chance would be a fine thing lol

and anyway if i were pregnant i would know as i would be eating johnsons baby powder i used to eat it byt he handfull when iwas pregnant with both my girls and thats the truth !!!! in fact i have eaten it in the past after i have had them and chalk sticks i ate them too when i was pregnant

anyway it ibs now lovely sunshine here and black sky how does that work think we are in for a storm love to you all diddle x

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..Diddle it was me Squidley who asked about carrot cakes. We do have a poundland here when I am next in town must look out for them. Enjoy the other two. Hugs Squidley


yes do and think of me lol x


lol thanks bless you love diddle x


Nothing wrong with marmite on toast diddle, lol.

I have nearly every day :)


I've not eaten properly in weeks and been worried about losing so much weight so quickly (15lbs) today for the first time in ages I've got a massive craving for fish chips and mushy peas, so my sweety (Tommy) is heading to my fave chippy on his way home from work, I may eat 3 chips and be full or I may eat the lot, right now I could eat a scabby dog and go back for seconds! Lol


Have you ever tried scabby horse Nuttytart, its bigger than a dog if you have a real hunger LOL!!.

Some people are weird with their food habits I must admit. They dont eat much but what they eat is weird. We will all be waiting now for Didle's next craving! xx