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WHERE DO I START !!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so where do i start with you all i go offline for the day come back to check in with all my fibro friends and wahht do i say plastered all over the site ?????????

DIDDLE this DIDDLE that ?????? and mainly me getting the blame for eating cakes ! well i take responsibillity for cakes jumping into mty basket and into my muth vbut it i s out of my control what you do i dont know what are you like ?

see i take full blame and admit to my fall downs but no you all have to pass the buck to those whoare not here to answer back see you all waited tili was gone and blamed me well what can i say ????

All i can say is bless you all i love aya all to bits i dont care if i lead in to temptation as you all love it dont you come on now admit you all love i was what you were all waiting for a scape goat for you all well thats fine by me you all go out and eat as many cakes as you like as long as you end me some lol love to you all diddle x

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yeah bt i am leading you into having nice things it could be worse lol love to you and hope you had your carrot cake today? i ate all mine and not got any left to send you love diddle x


you know when I was growing up "diddle" meant something else entirely!

hope the carrot cake was a good one. I could do with summat nice like that right now :)


yes i know lol love to you diddle x


well at least i get you all to have nice things lol love to you diddle x


The only thing I can say Diddle is " you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink".

I dont need any encouragement to eat chocolate and I would love a piece of carrot cake should there be one available. xx


tep that is so true love diddle x


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