having a crying day

today.. i forced myself up out of bed.. could have slept all day.. but feel if i am up some how i am part of my family...... but for some reasong. i have cried all day.. so much so my eyes are all puffy... i am going to go and have a lie on my bed and chill for a bit to see if this helps..

hope u are all well today.. and if not.. sending u hugss xx

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  • horrible when you have days like that :(

    sending you lots of gentle hugs xxxx

  • hi its horrible when you are like that but go with it better the tears out than stuck in love to you diddle x

  • AW I am sorry you are having such a bad day today. Hope your lie down helped alittle

    thinking of you


  • thinking of you, hope you feel better tomorrow and thatvyou get some sleep x

  • Aww Diane, hope you are feeling better now. Take care xx

  • Have a good cry, theres nothing wrong with it. We all have a good cry every now and again. Theres plenty of shoulders here to cry on

  • o lv,if u wanna cry or nd t cry...u bludi cry,lv fm me xx

  • thank u so much all my dear my friends. feel better today emotionally but very fatigued. x thanks again xx

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