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well i went to the housing benefit people and surprise surprise i got a nice lady but they still saying it my fault i in debt as i did not tell them my change of circumstances on time well listen to this my daugjter started her apprenticesjhip on jan 3rd at 9 am on the same day at 9.15 am i was in the office with all her work details where she was working/ how long for/ hours/pay etc they gave me a reciept which clearly says change of circumstance information DURRRRRRR!!!!!!!! how quicer could i havre done it i knew i would have tpo pay somethingnow her income is coming in the house i not stupid!!!anyway the lady said i could complain by form so i did there and then she said i have to pay 23 a week housing benefit and that goes up to 28 a week on 1st april (great) and 16 a month council tax and ineed toset up a direct debit with my housing association fro thisasap as i am also 70 in arrears with them again through no fault of my own !!!!anyway i get all tearful in there manage to drive home my dad came to put some new lights up in thhall and called me i was sobbing like a baby in kitchen he thought whatever is wrong and i told him he called my housing assosiation and they told him i was 314 in arrears so that set me odff again my dad was livid that they had let it get to this with no letter i had no idea about

so the outcome is my wonderful mum and da paifd my arreaers off in full and not only that they have just set up a direct debit to put 25 a month into my account so that covers the council tax and a part of the housing benefit as my daughter obviously pays me to live here now

but yes i am so lucky to have them and theyd done that for me but whayt about people who have not got that???? old peopleor people who havent got that sort of money?????

I am so lucky i cant thank them enough i have spent nearly all morning in tears my poor dad didnt know what to do with me he told me it would all be ok and i said to him its not jus that its all this fibromyalgiadad i jus cant stand it anymore

my mum just called me to see if i wanted any shopping tomorrow bless her and that set me off again

I really do know that i am so lucky to have such wonderful parents/sister/kids/partner and i jus wish all you have the support i have i am now off as i have really had enough today i am washed out and my sfa is calling love to you all and thankyou for all your support too DIDDLE XXXXX

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Ah, God bless your mum n dad, and not forgetting YOU xx


Oh Diddle I'm so sorry you've had such a hard day again you'r really going through it at the moment with all the money ect... I'm also really really glad you have such great support from your family they sound wonderfull.

I hope you get some rest tonight and have a good day tomorrow... you deserve it!!!

Good night and soft hugs xxxx


we all try to help our kids if we are good parents and yours are but then i bet you are too as you are kind and thoughtful. i am not surprised you got upset they are a set of w*****s! we go to them for help because we are sick and the last thing we need is studipity and lack of compassion. we are better than that come on diddle put that smile back on your face! we are all behind you honey! xxxx


ah Diddle bless ya, Thank goodness for fantastic parents, like you am a very lucky indeed to have a supportive Mum & Dad. I am also having a difficult time in the finance department as signed off work.

I totally agree about those who do not, how are they, suppose to manage? Just so unfair

Gentle Hugs

Lou x


sorry to hear about your fraught morning, but glad to hear your parents helped out. must be a relief for you. hope you have a better day tomorrow.


What a rotten day you have had Diddle. With help from your fab parents tomorrow will be a better day. Nite nite and take care xx


Aww bless you, xxx what a wonderfull mum & dad you have, big hugs and sending loadsa love to you xxx


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