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hi everyone first time posting on this site das diagnosed 3month ago with fibermyalgi and have been looking on this forum for any tips on how to cope with my pain I was prescribed pregabalin I don't know if this takes a while to build up in your system and I don't know if my other medication would have any effect as I have copd which I take a steroid inhaler and also on a lot other meds having a really bad day today anybody got any nomedicinal things I can do to relieve this pain

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  • Welcome to the forum. Have you had a chance to look at our mother site Fibromyalgia Action UK as there is a good section on medication and also alternatives to help with pain.

    I am on Pregablin and had to start on a very low dose because I can react quite badly to some meds. I would say it took about a month with me to start having any appreciable effect at first it jsut made me feel very muzzy and out of it and then I realised that some of the burning, stabbing pains had dampened down a bit. I know when I decided to try and come off it they started up again with a vengence so I was quickly back on the original dose. My close friend has COPD and I know there are many things she can't take but I believe there is an anti inflamatory that you can but your kidney function would have to be checked on a regular basis.

    Don't know whether you have a bath but when I did I found a soak in Epsom salts putting several handfuls in really helped to relax my muscles and cope with the pain. A Tens machine can also help take the edge off the pain if you use it in the area that is playing up the most. Also gently massaging with something like Musselflex or Pernaton gel can help ease the tight muscles and others have had good success with a Magnesium spray.

    Do hope the pain eases for you and look forward to your future posts.x

  • thanks rosewine that was very helpful I cant take antiiflametry medicines because of other meds but il certanley try the Epsom salts in the bath

  • HI Welcome. I would say that Epsom salts baths have helped me. And I used lavender oil too which I find soothing and calming. I think it helps to relax muscles in warm water. It was what I was told by my GP because there were trials for this and it was shown to work and reduce pain. Getting enough sleep is also really important, as it helps to reduce pain and make you feel like you can tolerate more in a day. I hope you feel a little bit more comfortable soon.

  • thank you dryad il give that a go I hear what your saying about sleep I'm not getting very much sleep and think that's why I'm struggling to cope with the pain

  • Hi forrest263

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of your suffering and struggling and that you also have COPD. I also have COPD and I am currently taking Pregabalin, Nortriptyline and Cocodamol for my Fibro and these have never interfered with my asthma or COPD.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thank you for letting me know that its a great help to be able to ask other people who know what your taking about I appreciate it very much hopefully this is just a bad flair up and it will ease up a bit shortly

  • Please take care of yourself my friend

  • Hi I hope you are keeping well? I am only new to this site since last week and noticed you seem to be the nearest to myself. There doesnt seem to be any fibro groups around in this area the nearest I think being Falkirk and Glasgow. I was diagnosed 7 years ago but to be honest I think I have had this for such a long time and didnt know it. Just getting over a really bad flare-up fingers crossed. I too have recently been started on pregabalin and dont like taking medication. Stopped it suddenly as felt it was making me swell after being put up to the 150mg strength though I know people are on much stronger doses. I had a horrendous week and had to go to out of hours service after suffering what I felt was like labour pains and sickness. Apparently it was like going cold turkey and I shouldnt have stopped them so suddenly ,you have to be weaned off them. I wanted to stop them completely but they do so help the fibro pains and Im now back to 100mg though during a flare up not much helps. My hot water bottle is my best friend at times and helps me. I also take cocodamol. I was very active and houseproud and the advice I have been given is to pace yourself though that is easier said than done when you are on a good day. I find doing anything repetitious it can affect me if not the next day but can be up to 3 days later. It is a weird and not so wonderful condition and is known as the "Invisible Enemy". It's hard for family and friends to understand this condition as they think you look so well at times but don't realise the pain you can be in. Im here if you need a chat as are the other followers and I'm just sorry I never knew about this website a long time ago. Bye keep well! x

  • thanks 1499 I'm still new to all this to I'm waiting on an appointment for the pain clinic hoping it will help me other than medication as I have so many other things I'm on medication for and I will let you know if I find out about any groups in our area as other than this site I feel people who don't suffer this condition doesn't understand how debilitating it can be hope your having a good day

  • Hi forrest263 , I'm not really up on a lot of things either re fibro as hadn't been back to my GP since being diagnosed 7 years ago due to caring for my parents/sister and then my husband who passed in recently. The fibro has got worse but GP has said that the grief wont have helped. I have never had IBS but am experiencing what I think is that at the moment but trying to eat gluten free and see if it helps. I am sorry you have COPD to cope with also. I was being referred to a Neurologist at either Monklands/Wishaw and had heard from a friend it was about a 5 month waiting list which didn't bother me as there are so many other people out there with worse problems than mine. My practice nurse has recently told me that they aren't going to see me now because it's fibro and it is a referral now to the pain clinic in about 4 weeks. She thought it was either at Monklands or Buchanan St. Coatbridge. I was interested to read about some of our fibro clan using patches and if my appointment comes through I am going ask about these. I enquired this morning about a GP medical pack(had never heard of this) as I know my GP/Nurse Practitioner would be quite happy to get as much info as possible, so have just completed the form online and a pack will be sent out. I think this is a great thing ,the more info the better! Im better today than yesterday thanks, hope yours is going ok too? x

  • Hi forrest263 Forgot to mention that I have been getting The Fibromyalgia Magazine for a few years now. I get it delivered monthly but you can read online(I'm not too brill with the computer). You need to subscribe, and it has good reading in it if you are interested as well as the info on this wonderful website! Bye x

  • hi1499 I'm glad you are feeling a bit better today my doc never gave me a lot of information so was hoping the pain clinic will know more I was led to believe the pain clinic I will go to is in the monklands my referral was made 4 weeks ago so hopefuly hear soon this foreum is really good I don't put up much messages but it helps to hear how other people cope I'm sorry for your berevment I too lost my husband although 11 years ago now I don't think you ever get over the loss I hope you have plenty support around and what I do is take each day as it comes as looking any further than that is too scary but certainly this site has helped me even though I don't post much but read how other people are doing it makes you feel less alone take carex

  • Forrest 263. You have been there yourself God love you! I am finding it difficult and I believe I will never get over losing my husband and best friend. My husband suffered from 2 forms of cancer but had great spirit and never lay down to anything , accepted all that was thrown at him. He worried about me looking after him with the fibro, but thankfully outwith chemo he was rarely confined to bed till the last few weeks of his life. The phone and the visitors dont happen so much these days but with the fibro my good friends always phone first if they want to visit in case Im in bed. I dont drive ,my husband did though ,and my 3 sons live near Cumbernauld as do my 3 grandchildren. I am on my own with our dog my faithful friend and the family visit when they can. They are all working hard and I want to be as independant as possible. I used to be so active and it's frustrating at times. I am blessed to have wonderful family and friends just lonely for that person who isn't here now. My family would like me to move beside them eventually and if I could drive I wouldn't dream of moving as I like where I am. The thought of moving at this moment fills me with dread, dont think my body could cope with packing up either. It's only bricks and mortar as they say, so who knows what the future holds. you are right it is a day at a time! Hope the pain clinic helps, who knows we could be sitting in the waiting area together lol! God Bless x

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