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Getting Nervous now

Well only 4 days to go till hip replacement operation, so much to do and not enough energy to do it. ! not looking forward to getting back after op not being able to do anything much, and the swollen legs etc Not to mention my hands and wrists are so weak and painful worried about crutches although my surgeon seems to think no problem trouble is all i can see is the problems. Tried to plan things out and keep positive but hey I'm only human....

Take care all sue x

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its ok younwill be fine and you are bound to be feeling very nervous though , lasyt year i was at my sisters salon and a lady came in in her mid 50 s she had a hip replacement done under local anesthetic she was up the next day out day after ansnd walking to have her hair done 2 weeks after so it can be done and she said best thing ever so good luck and love to you diddle x


I feel for you, iv got to have operation in 6 weeks on my foot and cannot wait bare for 8 weeks maybe 10 weeks, and i have no strenth in my legs, week wrists and arms and i too are worried about crutches, it looks like im gonna be bed riden again,

wishing you lots of luck xxx


can you make sure that your painkillers are kept topped up at the hospital and that the occupational therapist knows all your history? hopefully they'll take that into account in your recovery. can understand your worry about the crutches - walking with a walking stick has made me curse cos of the extra burden I've been putting on my arm muscles!


Hope all goes well, Lou x


Oh Sue, try not to worry I'm sure you will be fine. Very often we worry over the unknown but when things happen we cope with them much better than we anticipate. Just think, you can sit back and be pampered while you are recovering!!.

Take care and let us know how you get on. Love Angela x


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