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Coping is getting harder


I have been laid in bed since 6pm. Took all possible meds and still in pain, only bonus being that my bed is the only place I feel truly comfortable in. Waiting for an appointment with pain clinic, waiting for X-ray results on knee. Nothing is quick with the NHS at the moment. I am truly feeling that I cannot cope with the constant pain, where ever I am whatever I'm doing it's always there and gets worse with every movement I make. I've lost so much because of this illness, my independence, my career, unable to do the things I love. Only plus is I have a good husband lovely children and a good friend. Anybody else feeling like this?

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Hi Ktatmolehole

I am so sorry to read that you are struggling this way and that it is getting you so down. I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issues.

I too have lost out on my career, so I understand where you are coming from. However, I can clearly see that you know that you are loved very much and that this is the greatest gift of all. I always say that to the people in our lives who love us, we are the most special person in the whole wide world.

I want to wish you all the best of luck with your appointment for pain management and your x-ray results.

All my hopes and dreams for you.

Ken x

Thankyou for your kind words, they made me cry not in a bad way,in a good way. Family and close friends do give love and support and they are our greatest gift. However I feel guilty that it limits our live so much, everything is such an effort because of the pain. I feel like I'm always moaning and they feel helpless because there is no magic cure. Thankyou once again it has helped

I am sure that they feel guilty because they cannot do more for you? It tends to be the way. My wife has MS and she is in a wheelchair now. It has changed both our lives and our world forever, but we love each other so much after 27 years of marriage, so we cope!

Take care

Ken x

Hi there ktatmolehole, sorry to hear your feeling low and in so much pain, I think all we fibromites have times when we feel so very low because of this bummer of a desease, I'm so pleased you have family around you that care for you...sending you gentle hugs and a handful of sunshine...Dee x

sorry your feeling so low, i to had a career and then i had a mini stroke at work, i'm now trying to understand why i cant do anything and always in so much pain.

I also have a wonderful family and my partner is amazing, he did'nt sign up for fibro but his love and kindness makes me feel loved and he keeps me smiling even when i dont feel great!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess having loving people in our live's and having fibro are two things we all have in common.

Sunshine hugs to u all. xxxx

Hi Ktatmolehole, yes up until last week i felt exactly the same. I got to the point where i was feeling desperate, months and months of almost constant pain had left me feeling so low. Then at the begining of last week i started to feel morr awake and less pain and have slowly started to go back out again into the real world. Have no idea how long this will last but am very grateful for the break. Thing is with fibro it nevr stays the same, thank god, so I hope you get your break soon, Sharon xx

Hi Ktatmolehole,

I think many of us suffer in exactly the same way and the constant pain, worry about what it is, worry about our families,how they will cope, how we will cope add on Seasonal - A- Disorder (Icannot recall what the A stands for this morning must be FOG :)) ((looked it up it is Affective ))which we all get through the long winter months -we are so depleted it is even harder to cope with incessant pain. The spring slowly comes and the light helps us to regain a little power to fight the pain.

Your family are your support your love the core to living as you are to them. To be needed is a fantastical thing it helps us over come the terrible days as we have to remember there is something to look forward to.

We are forced to give up jobs we love and accept our lot people say "Isn't she brave" No it just happened and we got on with it, given a chance we would be back at work tomorrow, but we have now accepted those days have long gone - gone but not forgotten now we work at living a best we can with pain. The lighter moments in life make it easier to cope with, friends who are not quite as many now help by bringing smiles to life. Dreams are of the uttmost importance we can plot and work on doing things with our families and making them reality.

I hope your pain levels start to reseed now the spring sunshine has come - stick with it gentle hugs xxgins

I am so sorry you feel like this, I am struggling too, like you I have a lovely family and thank God for this. All you can do is take one day at a time and have a chat with us. There are no quick solution's, I find this difficult to accept as my life has changed so much. Hope you have a better day. Gentle hugs and healing light. Xxxx

Hi, I,m sorry too you,re having a bad time. I can,t add more to the wise words above, except to say I feel the same. Mine came on overnight, so I was thrown into a completely different world very quickly, and it took me a long time to come to terms with it, added to SAD mentioned above, makes it all a bit crap. I spend time feeling guilty too that I can't do things with my family that I used to do. However, please remember your family loves you. I feel that it's not just luck that you have a loving family, it's because you,ve created that with your love for them, so be proud of that. Do come on here often, everyone is wonderful and we do have great laughs, which really helps! Xx

Ditto you are a mirror image of me I have been struggling since January keep positive put some happy music on and bright lipstick to lift your mood all the best Liz x

Thankyou all of you for your words of support. It helps talking to people who know what life is like living with this illness but saddens me to think that there is so many of us coping or learning to cope. It's not easy to accept that this is it, a constant battle with pain, needing regular rest periods throughout the day to keep the pain at bay and taking pain meds that are supposed to help but rarely take the pain completely away.

But I suppose I should try and look at the positives in my life rather than all the negatives not easy.

But thanks to you all for listening to my ramblings, love to you all xxx

Hi Ktatmolehole

As you see there are a lot of us out there. When I first went to a Pain Management Course I was amazed at the number of people who were like me, well we all had different problems but all had pain. In that course i learnt all sorts of things that help manage pain but the thing that impacted on me the most was this was one course of ten weeks. the hospital carried out these courses every ten weeks and it suddenly dawned on me how many people there were in chronic pain. and that was only in the one city (Southampton) there must be so many people that are not receiving proper care or any care for their pain.

That is why I feel this site and others like it are making a crucial job in peoples lives by letting them see they are not alone and even if they do not engage they can read and see things that are helpful to their wellbeing.

Take care and kindest regards


Thankyou. Yes this site in itself has been a revelation to me and the support and advise I have been given is making a difference.


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