Nervous Picking

Along with Fibro my gp has said my main isues are depression and anxiety. As a way of coping I have over the last 6 months been severely picking at my right arm. The sores on my arm are rather unslighty and have recently become really sore.

Does anyone else have this issue? If so what help/advice did your doc give you?

Mine has said I have dry skin, its not case....i pick when really tense and it makes me feel better. Only issue is now my wounds are very sore and unsightly, with summer coming up and tshirt wearing weather i'm ashamed to get my arms out

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  • Hello jekkstar, when I read your letter I thought myself straight away! I have a bad habit of doing what your doing and I've left a scar on my wrist but hope it will fade in time! My problem is that I'm on Warfarin so if I pick it bleeds a lot and the last time I did damage was when I shaved my legs which I don't do now, but the razor cut my legs which bled a lot and I kept at it until it developed into a nasty Ulcer on my leg and had complications I didn't tell anyone but from doing that I have learnt my lesson! I don't know if its just boredom or what! I think you should just cover it with a plaster and buy Inadine just cut a small piece and place it over the wound and it will heal it for you. Good Luck....Aisha x

  • I meant to say to buy the Inadine its just one square in a packet cut a piece and plase a plaster or I usually use Mefix plasters as I'm alergic to normal ones! I suffer from Depression too. Aisha x

  • hi my issue is im always picking at the skin around my thumbs they are terribly sore im not sure of a solution, all I know is the stress and depression has to be sorted before anything else (difficult I know)I spose we have to just keep taking the tablets eh?it might help to speak to a councillor who can then advise your gp that it is an issue with stress rather than just dry skin as they put it...hope you get help with this.... big hugz to you I feel your pain x

  • Have you been prescribed any meds for your depression and anxiety .. If you have they may not be the correct dose or ones for you... I had to try 3 and then the 4th one I was given was perfect for me... I now sleep which is half the problem and i am very laid back because I don't worry that when I get into bed I am going to lie awake for most of the night...

    It's taken years to find this combo of meds but when you do its such a relief. please go back back to your GP and explain why you are doing this and its not just dry skin and hopefully your GP will sort something out for you

    VG x

  • I pick my fingers till they bleed I was sent to councilor for depression last Christmas who then told me I was self harming by doing this. Not helpful as I have been doing this since a child. I had stressful childhood and now I do this without realising until they are so painful and bleed. I am no longer seeing councilor but still at the slightest stress I do this. Meds didn't help me.

    I hope your find a solution for you. For me I tape my hands before bed as do it in my sleep as well.

  • I pick my feet (yucky I know) I also pull out my eyebrows. I have been told its no different then self harm but I don't want to think along those lines!! Both things I work hard at not doing but after a long day at work, lots of pain and everything else life throws at you I sometimes do it without realising. Perhaps have a manicure and gentle arm massage. When the skin is in good condition there is nothing to pick!!!

  • I also pick at my skin and have done for years. I have marks on my face but have bad scarring on my back. It's definitely a stress thing, obsessive and a release which makes it similar to self harming. I also suffer with depression and anxiety.

  • This problem has recently been recognised as a separate condition. It used to be called dermatillomania, and if you google this term, you will find a growing number of support and information websites, a lot more then when i first started looking for an answer for this 'taboo' subject. I first started picking and biting my cuticles after i quit biting my nails 20 years ago. This progressed to picking and biting my knuckles to the extent that 5 out of 10 of my knuckles are now a different colour due to the scar tissue. My arms and legs are covered with old and new scars that i have created over time. I once went to counseling for an unrelated problem, and the counsellor got really upset by how much i unconsciously dug into my skin while talking. She said it was a form of self-harm. This problem has stopped me from dating, as i feel too self conscious about the scars, swimming is a problem too. Nowadays, i try to narrow any damage down to my knuckles, as i know they will never look any better, but as i have recently had to start taking immune suppressing drugs for vasculitis, i have a new fear of infection. I wish i could end this mini-novel (sorry!) with a solution or strategy that helps, but at least you all now have a name to look up, and (hopefully) find some comfort in knowing that none of us are alone, gentle hugs to you all xxx

  • Ooooooo I now feel ' normal' being doing this for years in times of stress really bad my children constantly tell me off but us usually I am unaware, even pick whilst asleep. I try hard not too but it's very difficult. X gentle hugs x

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