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Feeling nervous and uneasy!!

Hi guys last week had a little rash on my arms and neck looked like a heat rash took benadryl and gone the next day.

Went to mdicentre Dr took some tests called me back in and said I may have lupus and I am so scared. He said the lab work showed only 2% of the antibodies and anything under 5 was not in need to be checked he did go ahead and set up an appointment with a endocrinologist and I'll wait to see when I get the call.

I've been having a nasty cough so I'm trying to nurse that as well.

Do you think with such low number on lab work I have this.

Just wondering.. If anyone had any info..I still want to believe that its fibro..All my symptoms are pointing to fibro...I'm hoping so..can you have arthritis and not have lupus..I have sore pain in my knuckles I believe its arthritis.never been diagnosed only by an orthodontist ..because of tmj.I've had 3 MRIs and 4 CTS already this year wouldn't this rule out lupus

Gentle hugs all.


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I think you might also want to join another hu site Lupus Uk

for better help and advice on lupus, I hope you find the answers you need, but keep in touch.


hamble :)


Thank you hamble 99b I cried feeling a little better now..just getting it out of my system and praying its no so.

Thanks Barb.


Hi sweetdreams1234

I am so sorry to read that you have been diagnosed with Lupus, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I see that hamble99b has pasted you the Healthunlocked Lupus web site, so I have pasted you the NHS Choices Lupus web page, and I sincerely hope that you find it useful:

I have also pasted you an extract from NHS Choices Treatment for Lupus page relating to the sun. So I hope that you find this useful also:

'Protecting yourself from the sun

Exposure to sunlight can sometimes make SLE symptoms such as skin rashes worse. Therefore, it is important to make sure you protect your skin when in the sun.

This means wearing clothing that covers your skin, including a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. You will also need to apply sun screen with a high factor to prevent sunburn. However, some people with lupus are not sun-sensitive and do not need to take precautions.

If your SLE symptoms are mild, you may not need specific treatment. However, most people will require medication to help manage their symptoms.'

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this my friend, and all the best with whatever treatments you try?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I'm truly hoping this is not true ken.I have more blood work tomorrow and am praying so hard this is not true.

Thev2% I'm hoping is just showing something different in regards to autoimmune diseases.

I'm hoping its fibro only..the lupus thing really scares me.

I'll keep you posted tomorrow and thanks for the information forums.

Thanls ken

Gentle hugs .


I am praying for you and sending positive thoughts. There is another possibly? It could be a reaction to a medication? As many medications have a warning in their lists to keep out of the sun? So you could find this is the reason?

Please try and stay clam and get a really good sleep before your blood tests. Hopefully tomorrow will bring you some good news!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi sweet dreams, I have fibro and lupus, they are both very similar and it's common to have both as well as CFS. Please try not to worry. The link to the lupus section of health unlocked may help. As with fibro there are huge differences in people's symptoms. As I said before please try not to worry.

Take good care and good luck with your appointment.




It's just the lab test showing 2% so I'm hoping its not true.

Thanks ken god bless to you . and yourvfamily.I'll keep you posted.


Hi there sweetdreams1234 :)

I can feel your pain and anguish and cannot imagine how mixed up you must be feeling right now. Both Hamble and Ken have given you excellent advice already so I shall give you comforting fluffies hugs to help you through the pain and anguish later on today :)

Hope it goes well for you and if you can fit some relaxation exercises in before you go for the test it may help you to feel less tense :)

Here's a link to one of my relaxation posts: RELAXATION TECHNIQUE - Muscular relaxation AND Planned times for regular positive relaxation

and another relaxation post from the past: RELAXATION TIME: DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATHING EXERCISES

SOMEWHERE IDYLLIC.........................

Let us know how things go :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Iwill definitely be able to do this knowing I have all of your support.

Oh my goodness what would I be without all my fibro family.

Zeb your kind words and Support is so much appreciated. Sweetdreams1234.


{{{{{{{{ sweetdreams1234 }}}}}}}}}

Yr quite welcome :) xx


My thoughts are with you my friend. Good luck with your blood tests. hugs sue


Good luck with your blood tests thinking of you .xxxx

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God bless

Thank you summervile

Hugs Barb.


wishing you well. Trish


Throwing a fluffie your way.

Here catch.




My wife had lupus and it came on over night pain in knuckles and most joints but with the treatment she lived a fairly good life there is more known about lupus than fibro so in some ways it is a good thing don't feel uneasy about it a cold can start it up but as unlike arthritis you do not get joint disfigurement just the pain steroids are the normal treatment if you have any question about the illness you would like to know don't be afraid to get in touch for after nearly 40 years of nursing my wife with it I think I can answerer most things you would like to know good luck to you


Thank you honyman..god bless!!I have a question.

Did your wife have fibro as well and if so do you remember her symptoms.

The orthodontist put me on lyrica to treat me with Fibromyalgia and TMJ.Do you think the RA in my jaw joint can account for the 2% just thought you might have experience in the RA part of this .I am now on no meds and hope to find relief soon.

My right leg also cramped up one day and still in the same position of the cramp.Its been three weeks now since I was asked to stop lyrica because of the leg cramp sorry for rambling just trying to give you a brief rundown. Thanks again honyman.

Your kindness is appreciated.

You guys are so comforting.. Thank god for you all.Hugs honyman. God bless you.


hi sweetdreams1234 no my wife only had lupus but over the years she did get other problems like bad eye sight and cerculation problems lost the use of her legs and in the end was in a wheelchair this was caused more by the steriods but not every one needs them the problem is all tablets have side effects so you find you cure one thing and then something else happens all i can say is enjoy the days you can to the full and try and forget the bad ones try to stay happy and upbeat as this all helps i know that can be hard as i know as i now have fibro god bless you and keep you safe and hope all goes well i will pray for you xx

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Hi there sweetdreams, I'm so sorry you are going through all this at the moment. It is such a frightening time when you have got a conclusive diagnosis, i wish you well with your blood results and am sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


Hi foggy

Thanks so much❤have yourself a great week and I promise to keep you posted.

Remember I need you now more than I've even needed anyone.

Thank you Foggy and god bless.




Geez Sweetheart I hope you don't have lupus!!! Fibromyalgia won't kill you but it feels like it at times. I don't think you should really worry with a low number. Your doctor is probably just playing it safe. Which is good. Hope you get some good news soon!!! xxx Mitzi


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