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going out again

me and my hubby are going to go to the theatre to night ,ive only just got over seeing my friend on thursday ,so ive made sure i have taken all meds ,

had a lay down for two hours ,just so i can try and not have a flare tomorrow

fingers crossed and anything else that will cross lol

we are going to go and see dara obrien the comedien looking forward to it ,but not sitting in their awful seats ,

so here goes wish me luck lol

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Good luck lynz with the seats. lol

I am off out too, i cant wait.

Hope you have a good night, i love dara obrien. :)

hugs, kel xxx


ooh where are you off to ?

hope you had a nice time :)

hugs xxx


lol :)

what ever is the world coming to lol xxx


Have a lovely time Lynz.

What is it with you 'young uns', going out all of a sudden lol.

Put your padded knickers on Lynz...........

Enjoy yourselves both of you. :) xxxx


i made jason give me his coat and i had mine folded up like a pillow behind my back

:) xxxx


jammy mare!!! i tried to get tickets and couldnt!!! lee evans last year, hopefully micheal mackyintire this year!!! xx


we saw lee eveans last year aswell ,but iwant to see michael mcintyre the most xxx


it wasnt too bad but my hubbies coat worked as a cushion lol xx


we had a great night he was really funny ,but im absolutly exhausted now ,night ,night everyone :)

hugs to you xxxx


oh that sounds absolutely lovely i hope that you both enjoy it it will do you good hopefully you will get so much in the show you will forget about all your pain jus for a couple hours love to you diddle x


hope u had a great night i find watching them comedians makes me laugh so much :D Definately going to plan going to see one live :) xxx


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