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I popped to town yesterday as my fibro fog kicks in at various times i thought i would purchase one of those 7 day a week tablet containers so i go into savers and get a nice pink one i like pink, anyway i come home get out what looks like a suitcase full of tablets and off i go pushing them all out of the foil blisters onto a piece of kitchen roll into their little daily piles, then i looked at the pile and looked at the tub and the size of the compartment for each day and thought no way is all that getting in ther ?!

so i will have to go buy a bigger one basically the one i bought holds my 8 cocodamol for the day and thats it !!!! ha ha ineed another 11 tablets to go in ther

mind you it was only a pound so will have to get an industrial size one any suggestions where to get one from? e bay perhaps love to you all diddle x

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hi just beenon e bay you can get them on their and pink ones too only bout £3 delivered so will look into one of those thanks though but if you see any let me know got til may to get one love to you diddle x


you always just buy two :) (or 3 lol )


sorry ,try again ,

you could always buy two :)


Ha ha, sorry, ha ha ha, oh got hiccups! Serves me right. Sorry but you painted such a wonderful picture. You do have a way with words!

If ebay do not sort you out go to a chemist that does things for the disabled including places that sell mobility scooters as they have a pletherer [think thats spelt wrong] of things that make life easier - plus no VAT as we qualify for disability.

Good luck. I need to get one too but keep forgetting!

Soft hugs and Happy Easter!


I use a pill container - has 4 compartments a day, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime pills. I've been using mine for over a year now as I kept forgetting when I'd taken my pills and taking too many or not enough!!! I got mine from Tesco or Boots I think - it only just fits all my pills in (im on about 20 a day as well as a pain patch) I found mine to be invaluable, I even take it on holiday with me, each day section can come out of the holder so if I go out for the day then it can still come with me.

Happy Easter :-)


My pill container has seven compartments. It is designed for a week. However, I have to use it just to see me through one day!


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