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Pain returned with vengence

Good evening to all my Fybro friends. Hope you all well tonight(nice thought anyway)

Well back to basics, I posted yesterday that I was at least 70% free of pain, which I am so thankful for(ha ha wait for it!!!!!!!!!!) After another exausting day at work, Its all back with a vengence(oh deary me, sob sob) My kness are like ballons tonight, they feel like they are on fire(who's for a piece of burn't toast) I'll make the toast, If you make the horlicks, deal!!!!!!!!!

So glad I can laugh at my own jokes(no one else does) It helps keep me going and of course, all of you as well(musn't for get that.

How's every one else doing tonight? Nobody run a marathon today or swam the channel(we wish)

Sleep well pals,

Extra big hugs xxx

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Hi Ryan, Sorry to hear you're in so much pain, but I've got to congratulate you on keeping a humorous outlook & being able to work, I'm only 55 & I've not been able to work since I was 42 I so wish I could work as I hate being reliant on benefits, it's very demoralising. I hope you have a better day today x


I'm so sorry your pain has returned. Living with daily pain horrendous pain I truly sympathise with you.

Hopefully if you get this job you have applied for it will help will diminish your pain levels. We can but only hope.

Best wishes

Lu xx


Morning honor1a,

Thank you soooo much sweetie. Yeh having a sense of humour does help but I can be just as crabbit as the next person I suppose(ha ha)

Today the pain is medium I'd say. Yes the work I do at the minute is very demaning, just as well I only work part-time. That's why I am looking for another one.

I also care for both my parents. I try to keep a possitive outlook but can be stubborn and cry at times.(but hey ho I'm human and we are allowed to cry)

My father has always told me to make the most of what I'v got, cause there is always someone else worse off.

A huge hug from me xxx


Morning BlueMermaid 1,

Hope you are well today?

Yeh the job I'v applied for is a different kind of care to what I currently do at the minute, I used to do this many years ago, so yes their is pressure, but on a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being the highest I would say 5. My current position is 10.

This is why It's making my pain worse, the stress of having to deliver. My body can't cope anymore. I hate to admit this but It's so very true.

That's why I need to take action now!!!!!!

Huge hugs xxx


Have you had a bit D test? I just paid out privately and mine was low, started vit D tablets a week ago and feel so much better! Just a thought


I'm always frightened of saying when I have a good day, because like you it comes back and bites you on the (bottom). big hugs sent your way, hope your day gets easier x


Hi Dillydally1,

Big hugs to you as well, actually today is not too bad, my spirits are up. Long may it continue.

Hope you have no or less pain today as well.

Take care,



Hi JayTon,

Yeh I take Viamin D, Vitamin K2, Magnesium, zinc and Cherry active, all recommended by my Chiropractor. I have been taking these for over a year now and they do help.

Huge hugs xxx


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