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Driveway assault

Hi all well I've had such a bad painful experience still in great deal of pain and think I'm heading for a flare . It all started sunday afternoon and I went out to go to shop but next door neighbour had people with them in garden but they blocked me in so as you do I asked him if he would move the car so I can get out but shocked he said no f------g drive around me so asked again to which he jumped over the fence grabbed me by the neck twisted me found and slammed my head into side of my car shouting he won't move it your not going anywhere, then pushed me onto floor hitting the other side of face on floor then stamped on my foot all this time his girlfriend was laughing egging him on and my neighbour just looked the other way . Well after I managed to get up and indoor rang my mum for help while waiting for her the police turned up because another neighbour rang said a woman is beining assaulted they checked me over and wanted me to go to hospital ,mum said she would take me then police wanted me to do a statement but I could'nt cope with all that stress also to scared to press charges. Well after x-rays etc ended up with serious bruising to my face no bones broken but I've got two black eyes bruising all down face bruising across my back , so scared to go out now so very down and the pain is awful .

Sorry this is so long I just needed to get it out hoping it will help me calm down and ease these chest pains all due to as we all know the stress factor of our big friend fibro x

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So sorry to hear of your incident with neighbour. Being a retired police officer can I say that I know how you must feel in every respect, frightened, stressed and scared to death but if you let this man get away with it the chances are he'll do it again.

Contrary to popular belief, there are some very kind officers/support workers who will, if the circumstances justify it come and take a statement from you at home.If you had to go to court you would receive help from witness support and be accompanied by them. You must get your injuries photographed whilst they're still visible if you decide to pursue this man. You will be visited at home by a scenes of crime officer who will take your picture.

You shouldn't have to put up with this and if you need someone/me to talk to or a bit of support at anytime I'll be more than happy to be there for you ...chin up you're not alone :)


Yes I know its scary as its your neighbour but I really think you should report it the sooner the better who is to say he won't do it again if not to you then someone else.....

This is horrible

VG x


oh I am so sorry to hear that, it's awful.

Fyrefly has offered good advice. If you can, do get the police to take photograph.



Hi Tweety please report this man i can understand how frightened you are but he must not get away with it best wishes x


What a horrible man! I agree that as soon as you feel a bit stronger you should report him, or he'll think he's got away with it and do it again!

Bullies deserve all they get, so I hope the police throw the book at him!

Moffy x


How awful for you. You really need to press charges. Is his house rented or is it his? If its rented then if he does harass you, you could keep a diary & with the polices help get him evicted


Omg what a awful low life scum bag!!

I realise that you are frighten, to be honest who wouldn't.

But you mustn't let this (feel the need to swear here but I shall resist) nasty bully

Get away with this.

Please co-operate with the police and use all the support that is available.

Chin up darling, hope you feel better soon


Thank you all I think its going to take a while for me to pull myself together I'm so scares my mum has been staying with me since but I still don't think I can take it any further I'm such a quiet person and don't like confrontation try to avoid any stress etc I'm just in such a mess right now but thank you all it does help to talk as they say x :-)


How absolutely ghastly for you tweety, you must certainly press charges when you have recovered some strength and composure. Bullies that get away with their crimes, are only fuelled by it, if you can at some point go to the police and make sure he is not able to do the same sort of thing again, you will be saving someone the pain and suffering you are now experiencing.

Sending very gentle hugs and healing thoughts your way. Foggy x


tweety don't forget to take the photos asap even if you do decide to leave it. We have been in a similar situation and ended up having to move as we lived in the opposite flat and had to pass their door every time we went out. The longer you leave it the harder it will be so get back to normal as soon as you can. Love and soft hugs. Wishing you all the best. Angeldance


I can understand everyone saying, press charges, but you are not living next door to these scumbags. It is a whole different ball game when the scumbags in question live right next door to you. Complaining to the police in that situation can only escalate the problem, and the police can't prevent further attacks when they were not there to protect you in the first place.

Personally I would see the council or housing authority and ask for a move out of the area before I pressed charges for assault in that situation. Another solution is to get some heavies to kick the living crap out of them, so they live in fear of you. :)


You've hit the nail on the head as they say esagestapo also a problem is he owns next door as I own this one so stuck on that score , as for your other solution I've just had a call from my cousin he is coming down here for a fortnight and gonna stay with me as he's lives in Scotland funny how all of a sudden he decides to come now but nobody in the family will admit they phoned him , we are like brother and sister though very close x :-)


I like the sound of that, tell him to bring a few mates with him to do a proper job. There is nothing like a bit of good old fashioned poetic justice for restoring order. :D


Oh I so like your suggestion!! Too many of these thugs are getting away with behaviour like this, and it's the victims that have to move. I personally would take every action possible against them.


Tweety shouldn't be the one that has to move house. I've no doubt this bloke is a bully and well known in the neigbourhood as a result. Bet you there's others living nearby who've suffered and are still suffering because no-one has reported him. It is often the case that 1 person has the courage to make the complaint and then suprise ... loads more come out of the woodwork. Yes it is a big deal, especially when you're ill, alone and frightened, but it can be done.


Tweety what you have been subjected to is horrendous. I do understand how difficult this is for you, and how afraid you are of the thug who assaulted you.

You just want it all over as quickly as possible and perhaps to pretend it never happened. You are afraid that if you press charges he will come around angrier than ever and assault you again, but the reverse is true

If you let him get away with this, it tells him right away that you are afraid of him, and what's to stop him doing it again?

The advice you have been give is the best move. get those injuries photographed whilst still fresh, and please report him. He will most certainly be charged with assault, and it is the only way to stop him. I know you are afraid, but not reporting him won't make that fear go away. believe me I know.

Please think it over, get your strength back and then see that this animal gets what he deserves

Em xx


Tweety - that's horrible! And I so feel for you! You are scared in your home now, and that's one of the worst things that can happen. But don't forget that at least one of your neighbours was a witness to this incident - and thankfully called the police. So you do have support close by. And I'm glad to hear you have family coming to stay.

You say this man who assualted you was visiting your neighbour - is he a regular visitor? And is your neighbour also inclined to violence? If the answers to both those questions are 'no' - then I really think you should go ahead and report it. If the answers are yes, then I can see how that makes it much more difficult. Unfortunately, that is exactly how bullies get away with their behaviour for so long. I definitely think you should get the photos done though - that doesn't commit you to anything, but at least the record is there if you do decide to proceed. Then you can take your time to decide what to do. But if you don't have the photos, then you're stuck!

Take care of yourself, and I hope you soon get over this horrible incident.




Hi tweety

Sorry about your troules. When your cousin arrives from Scotland get him to give him a 'Glasgow Kiss'

Take care honey.



right on!!


Trouble even!


oh tweety how absolutely ghastly what a creep he must be please muster the strength and get the police to convict him. Then you will begin to feel safe they will look after you through the case. Dont let the prat win he is quite obviously very low life and you need to stand up to him honey if you can. I hope today you are feeling a little better gentle hug to you () xgins


Hi Tweety I know its scary but please report him I dread to think what could happen if he gets away with it he could do worse I dread that there could be a next time,take care biggest gentle hugs Sithy


that was what went through my mind too


I'm so sorry to hear what happened. Its sounds awful, but you must report it fully, before he does it to someone else and possibly kills them! xx


Hi Tweety, I am so very sorry. I am also a retired Police woman and I really understand your fear. Many people want to forget it as they are too scared to press charges. The problem wont go away if you do that though honey. You cant stay hidden in your home from now on, Why don't you either go to the station or ask the police to visit and ask them what your options are? Once you have listened to how they will deal with the situation and what help they will offer you, then make a decision.

With love

Jane xx


Well said Jane, good advice :)


(((((HUGS))))) I know EXACTLY where you're coming from. I don't like confrontation either.

I was assaulted at Easter last yr by my daughter. I didn't want to press charges but the police are now taking it to court as she made threats to kill me to another government worker as well as the assault.

We need to stand up for ourselves and look after US. Jane is 100% right. The problem doesn't go away. It gets worse if you try & ignore it. These type of people will continue to pick on us & make life miserable. I could tell you a hundred different stories of the things my daughetr has done....from stealing my rent money so I had to go begging for help from charities to punching me so hard in the back of the head with her supposed 'sore hand' that I nearly passed out.

I've been living in fear from my daughter since she was about 12. This past year has been really horrendous but hopefully this will teach her a long overdue lesson when we go to court next month.

Good Luck in whatever you decide to do hun (((((HUGS)))))


good luck with your court case and situation x


Hi, hell I'm so shocked this happened, do you live in a council property? if you do your neighbour is responsible for visitors to their home and they could be evicted for this "if you report it" I would definitely advise you to press charges. You can't let ppl get away with this sort of thing.. And you will always live in fear if you don't get it sorted.

You don't get normal ppl doing things like this so I suspect he has a previous record, which will go in your favour... Your neighbours need a good talking to for allowing this to happen... Just for asking to move a car!!!!!!!!!!!! how ridiculous.

Hope you find the courage to go the distance with this shower of *%$^ xxxx


Tweety, that's terrible I really think you should press charges. I know it's your neighbour but if you don't something similar might happen again if they think they'll get away with it. I really feel for you, I hope you feel able to go out soon with the help and support of family and fiends. Gentle hugs. X


awww Tweety, that's terrible. you poor thing. sending you loads of (((hugs))) xxx

I suspect the perpetrator is probably known to police if they have no compunction about setting upon someone vulnerable. The police could probably follow through themselves without your input, since there were witnesses to the attack.


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