OMG did you really look at me like that !!!!!!???????????

Went to asda today and pulled into a Disability space and put my badge on the dash, started sorting my bag out when ................ the old man in a car next to me began to stare right at me ! then started shaking his head ! i stared back , i was so cross i wished i'd wound my window down and said 'YES ?' really loudly ,but i didnt , i just stared till he looked away !

I hadn't even got out the car ! did he assume that i'm too young to be disabled ? did i limp enough ,when i did get out of the car ? I wish i'd said something now ,he needed educating !

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  • When this happens with me and it does often - I pick up my blue badge and take it and show them - you then get the awww sorry I was miles away I wasn't looking.....etc! They don't know your story nor you theirs - but people are quick to judge mostly unfairly in our case x

  • good on you ! i may steal your idea if it happens again x

  • Hi

    I have had this as well although no one has ever said anything directly I just get dirty looks. I no longer have a car and now struggle to use the bus so I don't get it anymore. A shame these people don't work for Atos, having x-ray vision as they do nothing gets past them. Who needs a medical assessment when these people can (apparently) spot a "fraudster" at 50 paces. Anyone who has a badge and who isn't as old as the dinosaurs must be putting it on lol.

  • I get this a lot I just look them in the eye as I'm struggling to get out of the car and get my stroller out then I make a point of walking straight by them and you should see their face they don't know what to do or where to look, but I must say it took me a long time to feel like that as I was so embarrassed when using my stroller :-)

  • Take a picture for me ! for when i'm in need of a laugh lol x

  • omg reading your comment has really made me laugh ! I've also had weird looks if i sit on the disabled seats on the bus ( althugh i am entitled to sit there i rarely do ) and if someone also entitled to sit there gets on ,i get up ! Firstly because i would anyway if i think they are more in need than me, but other times because people might think i'm selfish for not getting up! as you cant always tell that theres something wrong !

  • Previous comment was for silverstar !

  • Disability has become a 4 letter word. There is always someone out there, with a grudge for some unknown reason. Rode my scooter round a supermarket recently, but inadvertently got in a woman's way. She YELLED at me " why cant you people shop during the week!"

    I was lost for words, which doesn't happen very often. I felt so embarrassed, felt like everyone was staring. Only when I got home, I thought actually she made herself look more stupid, ignorant woman. I am large, hairless, (hate wigs) and attached to oxygen. I do look ill, people may well assume I have cancer or whatever (if asked, make it clear, no it's just alopecia).

    There is no excuse for rudeness whatever the circumstances. I'd still rather be me! :)

  • I would have caused a right scene if it had been me. A few choice words like, 'feck off' would have been in order. In no way I would I have let her get away with it.

  • i was so shocked, stunned into silence by embarrassment i think. if i ever get that again i will probably stand up for myself!

  • Yes, I am sure you were. But me, I can be a cow when I want to be, and that sort of behaviour would have brought out the inner cow in me, if you know what I mean? :))

  • if you have any 'inner cow' to spare, would you mind sending some my way? :)

    g'night, sleep well. :)

  • Yes, I have plenty for you. I would be happy to give you some. I am an insomniac, I will be up till 3 or 4 am. :((

  • Bloody cheek ! how selfish of you ! were you not aware that the world revolves round her !!?? oh wait , no it bloody well dosent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am 69, on motability and get dirty looks too. I have difficulty with breathing and mobility probs. with this and fibro. I can walk but find life difficult and without transport and easier parking would be lost! People need to be educated but unfortunately there will always be those who are just ignorant - in knowledge and manners!!

  • Very true !

  • I have only been challenged once. I replied "I am using this Blue Badge because I have a physical disability. I am assuming you use yours because of a mental disability"


  • Loving this !

  • I have some business cards made up that say what cfs and fibro are. At the bottom it says just cos I look ok doesn't mean I am ok.

    I have some with me to hand out lol.

    I haven't given out that many lol. Once I had them people seemed to stop giving me dirty looks.......which makes me wonder if it was my attitude and embarassment that was the real problem all along lol

  • I wonder if being a man makes a difference as I don't get too much of this - certainly that I notice anyway. I drive a large modern car and wear an outdoor, big, bright red jacket to try and keep a very bad neck warm - even in nice weather - I wonder if people look at me dressed like that and think "there must be something wrong with him to be wearing that" lol!

  • I tend to get out of my car, stick first then the rest of me appears! So by the time people think she looks young I'm out of the car and then it's very obvious why I use a disabled badge....

  • When a young girl parked outside my house I asked her to move and she told me no as I had faked my badge off the Internet !!!!!!? The cheeky thing !!!! I called her rotten but it really upset me is that what people think ? I wouldn't dream of faking disability god it tock me an appeal and all the worry that goes with it to get my badge in the first place !!!!!!! Don't we have enough to deal with ?

  • That says more about her than you !

  • Some people are just so ignorant, they have no idea what could be wrong with any-one but like to judge. My nephew who is only 32 is very muscly and healthy to look at, but he has no legs and uses a wheelchair. He has the same problem when parking in a disabled space, he says people stare at him and actually walk around his car looking for the blue badge! He opens the door and just holds his arms open in an exaggerated way and says loudly to them LOOK NO LEGS. They are so embarrased that they scuttle away. bet they fell so ashamed of themselves and hopefully they think twice next time before judging. Just hold your head up high and ignore these people.

  • So quick to judge ! I'd love to have seen their faces !!!! A valuable lesson learned , I think!

  • .. one day a old guy in the village I live in(I only saw him the once and never again which is just as well)... said to me on my mobility scooter,( by the way he didn't know me ,or anything about me I hasten to add), you should be ashamed of yourself on that they are for elderly people !!! , I said in a loud voice ,well it is a good job they don't sell them to rude nosey people or your garage would be full!!! then I drove off leaving him stunned(silly old duffer) body may be knackered but my brain still works...! well some of the time!

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