hi it is ok i am back safe and sound did not fall anywhere had a nice bath and washed my hair it killed me but done it and now sitting with my doggy on sofa and heat and massage pad on my back bliss i am worn out i really am oh well goodo hopefully will sleep tonight what do you think ? put i tthis way you would not want to bet on it lol love to you all diddle xx

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  • Awk Diddle ssorry to hear you are suffering, it is not like you to complain hope you get a good nights sleep take care love Violet xxo

  • lol tell my partner that he would laugh at that comment (no i am only joking i kep alot to myself i do try not to but some days i do moan see i have a moany side too ther are many sides to a diddle xxx love to you i am ok really i am just pain and tired xxxx

  • Glad you are not down a black hole Diddle!!. One day very very soon I know you are going to post a blog to say you have slept all night, its gotta happen after all the weeks you have gone without sleep. Have a relaxing evening and take care, Angela x

  • Hi Diddle, i've got 2 dogs and i love taking them walkies even when you feel like youre going to collapse halfway round the park! I dont know about you but it does help my back pain, but im always done in by the time i get home. Glad you got back safe and sound.

  • Hi Diddle, I hope you sleep well tonight hunni. Rest now. hug & love to you helen xxx

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