myself and my daughter went to see my other daughter and grandsons so on way we went to matalan . i pulled on the car park and parked in the disabled place well a man was standing near by having a cigarette and he watched me like a hawk everything i d done and watched me wal in the store why i thought , i know prob because i look ok i just wish people would say something if they got something to say,

oh well anyway apart from that we hada lovely couple of hours with my grandsons then came home walked the dog and i had a lovely bath and now sitting down for the evening

i hope all is well with everyone love diddle xxxx

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  • take no notice,people can be so stupid x

  • Hi Diddle maybe he was dazzled by you beauty. Glad you had a lovely time with daughters and grandsons. Hubby took me to Combe Martin (north coast in devon) had lunch walked along the beach and drove home across Exmoor. Hope this weather lasts for ages as pain is much less. What bred of dog do you have, we lost our dog last June to cancer she was 11yrs collie x salukie. soft hugs take care Marg xx

  • Rise above it. There prob not yours x

  • Hi, I remember a man tutting and i just had to say something one day, but yes we should rise above these people. Take care x

  • I've bought car sticker saying "No, I'm not too young to park here" with a picture of disabled symbol. I had a couple in their late 60,s park next to me in disabled bays and give me dirty look and then say something to each other. I got out and got my crutches which I need because I have very painful feet and back and hobbled into shop slowly getting wet through from rain. The older couple got out of their car parked in disabled bay, and ran into shop !!!!!!!!!!!!!! good one ehh!

  • This makes me so MAD!!!

    Just remember that you have been awarded a disabled sticker because you need it, and other people should mind their own business.

    It really has nothing to do with them, so never, never, never waste a precious minute paying any attention whatsoever!

    A dear friend of mine has had major heart surgery and needs his car sticker as he mustn't over-exert himself. He is, however, fairly sprightly over short distances and people are always looking askance at him because he parks in the disabled bay.

    He always says that he feels fit enough to make the effort of raising two fingers at any moaners, and cheerfully carries on his way ... that's the spirit!!!

  • LOL my grandad was the same he had a chronic heart condition althought you would nebver think it to look at him blss but he used to get looked at as he had a disabled sticker butthere you go you are right just rise above it love diddle x

  • Do you think we are all too quick to judge each other. I used to run a shop out side of which there were disabled bays - it never ceased to amaze me who parked and ran off. I know we mustnt judge a book by its cover but when able bodied peeps use disabled space it is wrong! There are so many peeps who need the extra help wouldnt it be marvelous if chivalry returned helping more deserving peeps. I get cross it is raining awful keep smiling every one :) I wish I could go puddle jumping:) x gins

  • Hello Diddle,

    I would have to say something to these rude, horrid people, something like

    " Can I help you? "

    If you confront them they soon back off.

    Love and hugs Ren

  • People are so ignorant I had that the other day some old bloke said to me when i put my disabled badge up you dont look very ill so I said to him perhaps you would like to live in my body for 3 months and then come back to me and say that again gr.... makes me mad !!!!!

  • l had a note left on my windscreen atTesco, Lee Mill nr.Plymouth,it said you are no more disabled than me,hope your f.....k....g legs fall off. Well,l cried, lm very smart 65 years old,can walk mostly,the blue badge is because l broke my neck and 17 hours, that 2 ops putting metal and wires in and then another for spondilitus,lm riddled with arthritus from the broken neck and need the car door wide open to get out because ordinary spaces are to narrow and my neck doesnt bend,quite hard to get out,25 years of hospital,still going,they havent a clue of the agony and pain l go through and never once even for one minute have l ever had any relief,but choose not too broadcast it,we get treated like that,yea,let them have it for a day or a year or 25 years,see what they would say then,had mini stokes aswell as fibro.Rather not have a blue badge and this agonizing life,they SHOULDNT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.XXX

  • That is unbelievable. I would have cried too. People really have no idea of others pain and how hurtful remarks can be.

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